Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks Ashton and Kathryn

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks are they worth the hype?  Liquid Lipsticks seem to be abit like Marmite in the beauty world, some people love them, swear by them and couldn’t be without them, and others well, they just simply do not like them – be it the texture, formula, bleeding or dryness, they find they just don’t work for them.   Up until now I was more like the latter.  I’ve tried them, tried to work with them, tried different application methods and then given up, I put them in the back of a makeup drawer and forget about them as I go back to my trusted, hydrating lipsticks.

However each time I see these products on Youtube or Instagram, its hard not to give in to temptation and its also hard not to mention liquid lipsticks without thinking of Anastasia Beverly Hills.  The brand seems to have pushed liquid lipsticks to the forefront in a whole new super-hyped way, so with an army of lip balms at the ready I decided to have another try with this super matte type of product and to see if I can crack the liquid lipstick before the liquid lipsticks crack my lips.

At a glance Liquid Lipsticks can appear a little confusing.  They are often packaged like a lipgloss which can lead you to think the product will add sheen, shine and hydration to your lips, but liquid lipsticks are generally fast-setting matte liquids that can be quite dehydrating to the lips.  This has led me to steer a little clear of them in the past because by nature I have dry skin and dry lips and I am abit of a slave to the MAC Cosmetics Creamsheen lipstick formula which are full of gleam and moisturisation.

Formula:  I found the formula to be pretty lightweight with less tackiness/stickiness than other brands I have tried in the past.  The liquid lipsticks weren’t gloopy and have extremely high pigmentation.  One light swatch and you can see the colour the second the tip touches the skin.  Once on the lips it dries rather quickly, within minutes, so I wouldn’t advise layering this type of product unless you have extremely hydrated lips for fear of discovering cracks and flakes you never knew your lips had.

Application:  There are various ways to apply liquid lipsticks, most recommendations I have found include:

  • exfoliating the lips beforehand
  • applying a good hydrating lip balm, allowing it plenty of time to soak in the lips before adding any lip product
  • potentially using a lip liner (depending on the colour of the lipstick to help prevent bleeding)
  • once applied trying not to press your lips together until the liquid lipstick is fully dry (which is harder than you think).

Shades:  The vast shade range of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipsticks is pretty amazing.  There is a huge array of tones, colours and neutrals.  I decided on the shades Ashton and Kathryn which are beautiful names and beautiful colours to match.  Both have brown tones which are shades I lean more towards in the Autumn/Winter months.

Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the shade Ashton

Ashton is described as a midtone yellow brown and I have fallen in love with this shade.  Its a little darker than what I normally wear on a daily basis but I really like that about it, even the Hubbie liked the look of it which is always a bonus.

Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the shade Kathryn

Kathryn is described as a Berry Brown, which is exactly that – a brown undertone with more of a pinky/red to it.

My thoughts:  Both liquid lipsticks wore well through eating, drinking and general daily life, my biggest problem was how the lipstick wore off. Due to the matte nature of the product, I found the inner lip wore off quite quickly whereas the outer lip stayed put, which left me looking rather odd to say the least – it was like I had a ring of lipstick that needed scraping off.  Trying to rectify it was a challenge too because you can’t really smudge the lipstick back around the whole lip like you can a traditional lipstick.  So really you have to reapply which can then look a little patchy and again the inner part wears off quicker.  I did find mixing a touch of lip gloss or balm with the liquid lipstick did help with reapplication though.

Surprisingly during wear they weren’t drying in the way I thought they might, my lips weren’t sore and there was no chapped or tight feeling.  I did find that for a day or two after wearing these products my lips were slightly drier than normal and I needed extra lip balm applications throughout the day, but that could also be down to my lips not being used to more matte products in general.  In comparison to other brands I have tried the Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipsticks are alot less drying and alot more workable.

For the time being I will stick to my trusted MAC Creamsheen regular lipsticks for my daily routine, especially for the winter months, however for the odd day here and there or when I fancy something a little different I will defiantly reach for one of these colours again.  I might even mix it with some of Mac’s lip glass to try and create a lighter sheen.

If you are looking to try liquid lipsticks then this brand really is the ‘Beverly Hills’ of liquid lipsticks especially with her amazing colour range.  I am happy I purchased them especially because I love the shades so much, and they certainly won’t be heading to the back of my makeup drawer anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on liquid lipsticks?  Let me know which brands you recommend.


**I purchased my Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks from (USA site) and they cost $20.00 each.  They are pretty hard to get hold of in the UK, however Beauty Bay does stock a limited selection of the Anastasia Beverly Hills line (although not the Liquid Lipsticks unfortunately).


Beauty Bay


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