Armani Luminous Silk Foundation



Its not often a foundation stops me in my tracks but this beautiful product certainly did and it has fastly become my Holy Grail Foundation.  I use this on about 80% of my clients and I use this on myself almost everyday, I just love the results this bottle of beautifulness gives.

I had heard alot of hype about this award-winning foundation and I knew it was a red carpet favourite with celebs, but after watching a Lisa Eldridge video (who I adore) where she recommended this for bridal and seeing the flawless results from her I knew I needed to try this.  I have dry skin in my t-zone and more normal on my cheeks so finding a foundation that is hydrating without being shiny, one that doesn’t settle into fine lines, one that doesn’t cake easily and one that photographs really well, where all high up on my long wish list for that perfect foundation.  This lived up to my exceedingly high expectations and more.

The product contains no spf so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted flashback in photographs (perfect for special occasion photos), it just glides onto the skin to give the most beautiful satin finish, yet it still looks natural and weightless.  It doesn’t transfer easily when its on your face either, nor does it feel tacky or sticky like some foundations can.  You can layer this foundation too, I have used this on clients with acne because I know its gentle on their skin and I know I can layer it without caking, I thinly layered it with a beauty blender and the results were just beautiful.


Packaging:  The product comes in a glass bottom bottle with a plastic black top which stays put in your makeup bag.  Thankfully it does have a pump and a really controllable pump too, easy for half pumps or just a smidgen of a pump.  I’m not a particlular fan of glass bottles but that’s mainly because I am a makeup artist and they are heavy in your kit and can be easily smashed but because this foundation is so amazing I make the exception because I couldn’t be without it.

Formula:  The product itself is formulated with micro-fil technology which means its pairs high pigmentation with a low-density product resulting in its weightless texture and one that makes it a dream to blend.  The product glides on the skin, it feels luxurious, evens out the skintone and there it just gleams….leaving you with this ‘glow from within-satin finish’ along with a natural radiance and feel.  Its the type of foundation that if you need to touch up one area later in the day you can without having to worry about it looking cakey or looking like you have only touched up that one area on your face (if you know what I mean).  In terms of coverage you can thin this out to barely nothing and yet layer it to a decent coverage, its not full coverage like an Estee Lauder Double Wear but I would call it a ‘light to good medium’ buildable coverage.

Armani Foundation House of Paper Doll

Armani Foundation House of Paper Doll

Wearing the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 4 

Application:  My favourite way to apply foundation is always with my faithful friend the Beauty Blender, but with this foundation it works equally well with a good foundation brush or with clean fingers.  I love that you don’t have to work really hard to make this foundation work, it gives you time to blend, to layer and just be, which makes it perfect for my quick 10 minute make-up routine before the school run in a morning, yet equally perfect for that special occasion such as a wedding.

Skintypes:  What I also love about this product is the vast range of skintypes it seems to suit from normal to dry, normal to oily, combination skins and from young to mature – this product can work for each type which is why this is the foundation product I reach for so much in my kit, I know it won’t let me down and I know that I can make this product work for most of my clients.  For mature ladies this product is a dream.  If you are really oily I would use a blotting cream first and a little, light translucent powder afterwards, for really dry skin I use a hydrating moisturiser and something like the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum first then I glide this foundation on afterwards and my clients have loved the look of their skin.  In terms of staying power with a good primer that works to your skin type I find this is good at staying put, even in hot climates, although a touch up will probably be required at some point during the day if you are intending to wear it from Morning through to Night.

Armani Foundation House of Paper Doll

Shades: I wear Shade 4 and for me its my perfect colour match.  I am pale with cool to beige undertones and I love the colour of this foundation on me.  There is currently about 24 shades on offer at Sephora and I would say the shade range does tend to lean a little to the neutral shades, having said that I usually carry just 5 to 6 shades in my kit to mix and match and so far I have always been able to create a match.

Value for Money:  The one negative about this product is the pricetag, if you are using this as an everyday foundation then it isn’t cheap but it is Armani so its not going to be.  On Sephora USA it is currently $64.00 for 30ml and on House of Fraser or Selfridges UK £37.00 for the same 30ml size.  There is also a Travel Size which is $42,00 for 0.06oz which I would recommend if you are thinking of buying it and you aren’t able to sample it first.

Armani Foundation House of Paper Doll

My Thoughts:  All in all for me this foundation is just head and shoulders above so many others for so many reasons.  It gives such a beautiful, natural, healthy glow that transcends equally beautifully into photographs.  For me not many foundations live up to the hype but this one certainly does.  I don’t have the best skin but I love the way my skin looks with this foundation, I am 35+ and with those pesky fine lines appearing steadily and yet I feel this foundation somehow helps to bring out the youthfulness in my skin.  I also love that I don’t look like I am caked in a heavy foundation or high-glow highlighter to get that lightly luminous finish either.  It may be a little pricey but to me its worth every penny, its like magic in a bottle.


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