BPerfect 10 Second Tan – Rediscovering Fake Tan

BPerfect 10 Second Tan - Rediscovering Fake Tan

As a fair-skinned girl I like to embrace my paleness especially throughout the Winter, I maybe hit the beach abit in the Summer gain abit of a tan that lasts about a month before it quickly disappears for another year and I am back to my paleness once again.  That said I do always feel that little bit better with a bit of a tan, I feel I look slightly healthier too.  To be honest I have never really been one to fake tan much, many of my friends routinely do but I just never seemed to find a fake tan that I liked.  In my twenties I did try to fake tan abit but it would undoubtedly either go streaky, leave stains on bedding, light clothing and towels, have that strange biscuit-type smell, have to wait ages for it to dry for it only to then look rather patchy, maybe even go a little bit orange, and just generally I would end up feeling that it more hassle than it was worth – so I gave up and never really bothered about it.  That was until these past few weeks, when I was kindly sent a bottle of BPerfect Tan by BPerfect Cosmetics and oh my goodness I think I am now about to embrace the fake tan.  This has totally changed my mind about fake tanning and here is why…

BPerfect Fake Tan

Firstly I actually really like the tall, sleek shaped bottle and style, it looks at home on the bathroom shelf amongst my creams and lotions (and doesn’t scream fake tan and looks unisex), its a liquid formula that comes in a generously sized 200ml spray bottle.  It also comes with a velvet applicator mitt which feels so soft and gentle on the skin and is really easy to use.  To apply the fake tan you simply spray the product onto the velvet mitt and wipe the product onto the skin in an upwards motion.

BPerfect 10 Second Tan

What I loved most about this product was the fact that its a quick-drying product, so the tan appears pretty quickly, really quickly, almost instantly.  This way you are able to see the tan forming as you are applying, which makes it easier to go back over any areas that you might have missed (which for me was the odd patch on the back of my legs).  There was no strange biscuit-smell either just a lovely soft coconut fragrance.  I applied this after a shower before a night out and by the time I had chosen what outfit I wanted to wear my fake tan was dry.  No walking around wearing an old t-shirt for fear of anything transferring onto the bedding or furniture, it was easy, simple and quick with no mess when applying or transferring on to anything afterwards – I can understand why they call it BPerfect!

BPerfect 10 Second Tan BPerfect Fake Tan

Before (top) and After (bottom) using BPerfect 10 Second Tan

I also loved that the tan looked natural, you could go deeper if you apply another coat but for me one was ideal.  It applied evenly with no streaking (although I do exfoliate my skin once a week so I feel like my skin was pretty well prepped).  The BPerfect 10 Second Tan claims to last 3 washes and I think that was pretty accurate, so its ideal for a night out, weekend away or for when you just fancy abit of a tan without the plane ticket.

BPerfect Cosmetics Fake Tan

Overall I have been pleasantly surprised and I feel I have rediscovered fake tan.  Compared to other brands I have used in the past, I really like how quickly this tan developed, I didn’t have to wait a period of time to see my tanning application work, nor did I need to wash anything off to see any results, instead I felt much more in control of my fake tan application which I think helps with getting the tan more even.  The BPerfect 10 Second Tan is natural, organic and alcohol free and dries fully within 10 minutes.  No towels, bedding or clothing were stained in the process and it was completely mess free, I have been seriously impressed.  The product retails for £24.99 for this 200ml spray bottle which includes the BPerfect Velvet applicator mitt and is available from BPerfect and over 650 of their stockists.  There is also a Dark Watermelon version which is lightly scented with soft notes of watermelon.


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