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Choosing your Wedding Makeup Artist

August 15, 2017 2 Comments

Choosing your Wedding Makeup Artist

August 15, 2017 2 Comments

Choosing your Wedding Makeup Artist

As a Makeup Artist it is a huge privilege to part of a Brides special day and to share that preparation time.  The decision whether to do your own makeup or to hire a Makeup Artist for your Wedding is a big decision for some, and an easy one for others.  

A Makeup Artist is a big part of your Wedding Morning and the way in which that preparation goes can then set the tone for the big day ahead.  

You want someone who can handle the stress, pressure and the tears in a calm, professional manner and also someone who can keep to the Wedding Day schedule whilst creating that flawless long-lasting finish that will help tie your whole bridal look together.

 So how do you choose the right Makeup Artist for your Wedding?  Here are some tips on what to look for and what to consider…

What to look for in a Wedding Makeup Artist?


It goes without saying that a Makeup Artist’s skills will be a huge factor in the decision making for your Wedding, but also delve more into the type of skills they have.  If you like a more dramatic look then seek out a Makeup Artist with a proven track record in that area, if you have problematic skin then look for a Makeup Artist that excels in skin/skin-prep, if you are having an Indian Wedding then look for artists that specialise in that area.  It may sound obvious but its surprising how often the obvious can be overlooked.  

Budget will also be another factor and whilst generally you may get what you pay for don’t overlook someone because their pricing is a ‘little’ off – they maybe an established Makeup Artist who is new to Weddings, new to the area, or they just genuinely have their pricing a ‘little’ off (I have seen it happen), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly talented, nor that they don’t have the required skill-set.  

Look at their skill-set in photos carefully, someone who knows their trade and who uses the professional products you feel best suit you (e.g mineral makeup if that’s your preference, high-end brands, a particular brand, etc).  Don’t be afraid to email a Makeup Artist asking which brands they use or if you could see some more of their work, you maybe pleasantly surprised.


Choosing a Makeup Artist you like and most importantly you trust is huge part of how you will feel the morning of your Wedding.  Someone you feel comfortable and confident with, someone who listens to you as well as having the magic techniques and talent to create your chosen look on your special day is all incredibly important.  

You want them to put you at ease.  Their skills are important but so is the ability to get along together, if you don’t have the latter then the whole pampering, calming experience is hindered.

Check their Work

Most people book a Makeup Artist from their online portfolio/website or recommendations (I know lots of my bookings have come from ladies who have attended the Wedding of one of my Brides).  

I would also recommend to look through the Makeup Artist’s Facebook page if they have one, read the reviews and comments from their Brides, see the type of makeup looks they create, if its similar to what you are hoping for you may have found the ‘one’.  

Some Makeup Artists have a style that will start to come across in photographs.  Some Makeup Artists shine in certain areas for example glowing skin, or a classic look.  

Its also good to see photos that aren’t just professional photos of their work too, a photo someone took on their phone of the Bride later on into the evening of her Wedding can tell a different makeup story to a photo that has been retouched professionally outside the Wedding Venue at the beginning of the ceremony.

Their former clients

We live in a Social Media age where people now think nothing of having a conversation over Twitter with a random stranger they have a TV programme or a Celebrity in common with.  So if you come across a former bride in the area you are getting married why not drop her a quick message to hear her thoughts, and to see who they would recommend (maybe even who they wouldn’t).   I wouldn’t be at all offended if someone contacted one of my former Brides.  

No-one is saying to ask for a full review over Twitter, or to go stalking or contacting lots of random strangers but just a quick short message such as “I saw your Wedding photo on the Makeup Artist’s Facebook page, loved your Bridal Makeup look, just wondered how you found the Makeup Artist and if you would recommend them?”  

Having a personal confirmation that a previous client found them reliable, professional and highly recommended might help to put your mind at ease and make your decision confirmed.

Choosing your Wedding Makeup Artist
Choosing your Wedding Makeup Artist

Location & Budget

If you are getting married away from home or getting married abroad sometimes your choice might be a bit more limited when it comes to Makeup Artists.  You may have a Wedding Planner sorting the florists, wedding services, etc out for you, and the Wedding Planner might have a short list of Hair and Makeup Artists for you to choose from that they have vetted which is great, but look beyond that list too.  

I have worked as a destination Makeup Artist for Weddings and I found enough work not to necessarily be on some Wedding Planners lists, infact some of the big Wedding Planners in the areas where I have worked I never met, especially when I was new to the area.  

So be open to looking beyond what they give you as options, sometimes a quick google search can bring up a whole lot more choices that may suit you better.


If you are unsure between 2 Makeup Artists and funds allow why not set up a meeting or trial with both?  Maybe try to arrange a quick initial meeting over a coffee close to where the Makeup Artist has just worked on a Wedding (if the Makeup Artist is ok with this and time allows).  That way you can meet the Makeup Artist to see how you get along with them plus you get to see their work up close in a Wedding environment.  

Also a trial is just that, ‘a trial’ to work at creating your chosen look for your special day but its also a trial to see how you get on with your Makeup Artist.  

As a Makeup Artist I would be a little concerned if a potential bride came to me having had several makeup trials with several different Makeup Artists, as this may well say more about the bride (or dare I say it bridezilla) than the Makeup Artists themselves.  

Keeping expectations real of the look you want created is a huge consideration, e.g if you look nothing like Kim KW then you can’t really expect a Makeup Artist to make you look exactly like Kim KW.  But having a couple of trials is absolutely fine in helping you decide what and who fits you best.  

If it just doesn’t work with the first Makeup Artist and you don’t have confidence in them then look for another and allow the time in your preparations for you to do this.

Book and Confirm 

And finally once you find the ‘one’ book early – Makeup Artists do get booked up quickly so if you have your Wedding Date confirmed and you know exactly which Makeup Artist you would like I wouldn’t hold off booking. 

I know I have been booked for Weddings and trials 2 years in advance.  Especially in Summer and on Weekends my schedule is normally pretty full pretty quickly.  So don’t leave it too close to the big day to book or you may end up a little disappointed.

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  • Primrose Bigwood August 17, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Love this – such good tips as I would have no idea what to look for! Love these images too! x

    • HouseofPaperDoll August 17, 2017 at 9:14 am

      Thanks so much Primrose, thanks for reading xx

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