Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

January 16, 2017

Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

Winter seems to suck the life out of my skin, from the cold dark mornings to the central heating, to the London tube (which is a whole skin-freak out in itself) and to those nasty Winter bugs that leave you and your skin feeling tired and just groggy.  But there is one little gem I discovered a couple of years ago and since I did it’s never left my bedside table.  Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream is my Holy Grail everyday moisturiser, its everything I could ask for in one awesome whipped creamed little pot.

Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream Darphin Hydraskin Light Cream

Texture:  As the name mentions it is a Light Gel Cream giving it a unique texture, its neither thick or too runny its just that perfect inbetween.  Light enough in the way it feels on the skin, but still incredibly hydrating.  I have dry skin particularly in the Winter and I find this pot of perfection leaves my skin super soft with a lovely natural radiance glow that lasts through the day.  Its fast absorbing which makes it a Winter winner in the mornings, I can apply this, and within a couple of minutes my face is all ready to be painted with makeup.  I also love the way my foundation looks over this moisturiser, some foundations can cling to moisturisers and sit funny on the skin, this seems to act as a gentle aid to bring out the best in the foundation itself.  Its non-greasy on my skin nor does it leave a tackiness and it smells heavenly.

Application:  In a morning I cleanse, then use a damp cotton pad over my face followed by a dry cotton pad to soak up any excessive water.  Next I reach for the Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream and I apply a small amount all over my face and neck, brush my teeth and I am ready for make up.  The Moisturiser really does absorb quickly almost like a thirst quencher for my morning skin.

Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

Packaging:  The Gel Cream comes in a glass pot with a large screw lid which makes the product easy to use and apply.  You can see the whole product there in its beautifully scented glory in front of you as opposed to peering through a tube or long jar.  Most conveniently when you are almost running out of the product the wide opening makes it easier to get those all important last traces out of the pot.

Value for Money:  The Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream is £35.00 for 100ml and whilst it is still expensive compared to some great performing face creams out there, for Darphin it is one of their more purse-friendly items, especially for a moisturiser.  I think it’s fantastic value for money, for me skincare is where I would prefer to spend my money, I would rather invest in a skincare product (as long as its working for my skin) over an expensive makeup item anyday.  I love Darphin as a brand and in particular their Intral Line which I will review products from over the coming weeks on my blog.  Some of their products are pretty pricey indeed but for me they have been worth it because my skin is so incredibly sensitive to just about everything out there.  I have really struggled in the past as I suffer with Hormonal Acne due to having Hypothyroidism but I am so happy I was introduced to Darphin by Space NK.

Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

Overall Thoughts:  I first received this gel cream as a sample and after the first day of using it I knew instantly it was a product both myself and my skin would fall in love with.  I have since re-purchased this little pot of magic a fair few times over the past couple of years and I really could not be without it.  And because its so light and airy in texture I don’t feel like I am over-loading my skin nor do I feel like it clogs any pores.  The Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream leaves my skin feeling refreshed, re-energised and I find it helps to smooth and calm my skin.  Its one I can use throughout the seasons – light enough for Summer, hydrating enough for Winter, I highly recommend it.

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