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Please do not use any of my images without permission and please credit back to House of Paper Doll.

If you are Brand interested to work with me please drop me an email: stefaniejaynemua@gmail.com

BRAND GIFTING – Please note that gifting items does not guarantee a product will be featured in a Blog Post or on my Social Media Channels unless a prior agreement has been made.  However I do totally appreciate and understand gifting costs money from Brands, especially small businesses and I am very appreciative of anything I am sent.  I will share anything I receive on my Instagram Stories with my followers and many are then saved to my PR Mail Stories Link.


As of 17th June 2020 as per ASA/CMA Ruling please see below on how I have updated how I disclose my ADS on my Blog, YouTube and across my Social Media Channels

AD – Paid

This means that I have been paid by the Brand/Company to promote a product.  This may include instructions from the Brand as to the type of content or the wording that is produced by myself.  It could also include full creative control by myself with no input by the Brand what so ever.  Either way I will have been paid (in money) to promote the product.

AD – Gifted Collaboration

AD – PR Product Collaboration

AD – PR Sample Collaboration

AD – Press Event Collaboration

AD – Press Trip Collaboration

This means a brand has sent a product to me and I have agreed to feature the product in return for the gifting/sending of the product AND the Brand has some creative control over the work produced.  This could be as simple as the brand approving the work before I publish a Blog Post, Instagram Post or Video.  It could be that I have been instructed to include certain words, messaging or descriptions within my work.  Or it could be that the brand has instructed me on how they want the content to look.  In simple terms I don’t have complete creative control over everything within the content I have produced for that item.  I am being paid in products rather than payment like the ‘AD – Paid’.

AD – Gifted

AD – PR Product

AD – PR Sample

AD – PR Event

AD – Press Event

AD – Press Tickets

This means the brand has sent me a product, vouchers for a product, or paid for a day out, meal, experience, etc.  Sending or gifting a product to me does not guarantee that I will feature or include the product in a Blog Post or on my Social Media unless a prior agreement has been arranged between myself and the Brand.  This also means I have complete creative control over what I may say about the product, place, experience, etc and the type of work that is produced.

AD – Affiliate

This means the Blog post, Video Description or Instagram Stories Swipe-up will contain an Affiliate Link.  I may have purchased the item myself and include an affiliate link in my content, or I may have been sent the item, or been paid to include the item.  All come under ‘AD – Affiliate’ regardless of whether I paid for the item myself or not.  Affiliate links are links that a consumer, reader or follower may click on and if they then go on to purchase an item I may receive a minimal commission from it.  If you are reading this as a follower, honestly I appreciate anyone who clicks on an affiliate link as every little bit really does help (and the commission is often pence not pounds).  It also gives me an idea of what my readers and followers are interested in product wise, which helps me plan my content too.  So thank you so so much xx