Dollibox March 2017 Review

Dollibox March 2017 Review

The fun and girlie Dollibox have created another fabulous box for March featuring some adorable offerings and one very unique product that follows on from their Rainbow Unicorn in last month’s box….(all revealed below!).  I always feel the month of March is a month that puts people in a good mood, with the better weather, lighter nights and Easter Bunny on the way, and this March Dollibox just adds to that good-feeling and then some.

Dollibox March 2017 Review Dollibox March 2017 Review

Lameila Lucy Doll Liquid Eyeliner

This has to be the cutest eyeliner I have ever seen, the packaging is so adorable, it really is a little doll.  The product itself is very pigmented, waterproof and long-lasting with a fine tip for that perfect winged liner.  This is a product that will make you smile each time you use it and one you will happily display on a dressing table because its just too pretty for a makeup drawer.

Dollibox March 2017 Review

Adamma Fibre Lash Extender Duo Mascara

Very excited to try this 3D Mascara Kit as I have never used a fibre lash mascara before so I am extremely happy to see this in March’s Dollibox.  The duo set is specifically designed to be used together to create lavish, long lashes of dreams.  To apply – You use the 3D Mascara first (in the same way as you would with a normal mascara).  Then whilst the lashes are partially dry you apply the 3D Microfibre over the top with a side-to-side motion – as you apply the micro-fibres attach to your lashes from the wand.  Then finally go back over your lashes once more with the 3D Mascara which seals everything together.  You can keep alternating in this way with the 3D Mascara and 3D Microfibre until you get your desired look which I have heard can really produce the fake lash effect.  I actually feel this may be worth a whole blog review of its own, so I will definitely let you know how I get on using this kit.

Dollibox March 2017 Review Dollibox March 2017 Review

BIOAQUA Animal Nourish Facial Mask

Another adorable item from Dollibox this month and this time in the shape of a face mask, a Panda one to be precise.  I have quite a few variations of sheet face masks and have to admit that some of them can look a little bit on the scary side should you open your door to an unexpected person whilst wearing one (or worst if your little child see’s you with one on).  But no such problem with these unique animal facial masks from BIOAQUA that come in a variety of animals such as Tigers, Dogs and Sheep.  Specially formulated with fruit and herb extracts that promote firmness and elasticity whilst strengthening and alleviating environment damage to the skin.  I genuinely cannot wait to try my 20 minutes of adorable Panda-pampered cuteness and I don’t mind who see’s me.

Dollibox March 2017 Review

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion

Such a well known product and one of my favourites.  I have used this for years, especially during my pregnancies when I used to smother myself in the lotion daily and I certainly credit it with keeping the stretch marks away.   I have always adored the beautiful Coconut Oil smell and its abit of a classic for a reason – non-greasy, fast absorbing and highly moisturising in a budget friendly way.  This travel size if perfect for just that.

Dollibox March 2017 Review

Unicorn Poop Wax Melts from Scent Circus

Last month Dollibox brought us a Unicorn and this month we have the Unicorn Poop!  Make of that what you will but a fun product that had my kids in stitches when I told them what it was.  These 2 wax melts have a strong scent which ‘Scent Citrus’ describe as “Rainbow Jelly Bean” – very sweet smelling that’s for sure, but definitely a product to make you smile, and the poop is even glittery!

Dollibox March 2017 Review

Bonus Item – We Are Tea – Amanda Hamilton Tea Bag

As if all of that wasn’t a great offering enough, Dollibox popped in a bonus 6th item this month which is a ‘We Are Tea – Amanda Hamilton’ tea bag, (or maybe they just felt we needed a good cuppa after the Unicorn Poop!).  I am a huge tea drinker so any tea is greatly received especially one which has the words ‘Glow for Skin Radiance’ on the packet.   Bursting with Mother Nature’s beauty champions such as red berries, calendula petals, dandelion, echinacea and nettle, the active ingredients claim to maintain radiant skin.  It smells lovely so I will look forward to sampling this.

Dollibox March 2017 Review

Dollibox really do add the fun factor to the Beauty Subscription Box and I love it, with some really adorable items this Month especially the Panda Face Mask and Lucy Doll Liquid Eye Liner.  I am incredibly excited to try the Adamma Fibre Lash Extender Duo Mascara and I can’t wait to see what April’s Dollibox brings…..But for now, I am off to pop the kettle on and enjoy a lovely cup of the glow skin tea adorned in a Panda Face Mask, whilst I look to melt some Unicorn Poop – not something you can say everyday! But thank you Dollibox!


Dollibox Monthly subscription fees are currently £10 per month plus p+p, with other 3, 6 and 12 month packages also available.

To subscribe to Dollibox or to find out more about their boxes, head over to their website: DOLLIBOX

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