Dollibox May Review

June 15, 2017

Dollibox May Review

Somehow May came and went, we moved house, moved areas, survived chaos, sickness, injury and then before I knew it I found myself in June!  Normality is slowly recommencing despite the house not being quite that way, and a few treats that are aiding me in my quest to feeling human again come courtesy of May’s Dollybox.  With news that their June Box has been dispatched (and it looks another great one!) if you are thinking of subscribing to a ‘Beauty Subscription Box’ then I cannot recommend enough the fabulous Dollibox.  May’s box as you will see is a mermaid, leopard spectacular and I hear June’s box continues with more mermaid love in the shape of a mermaid makeup brush!  So here are the goodies I received in May to wet your appetite for June’s upcoming review and all the details on how to subscribe.

Dollibox Review May 2017 Dollibox Review May 2017

Focallure Face Blush

I received the beautiful shade of Tipsy which is a perfect matte Peach colour – my favourite shade for this time of year so this is going straight into my everyday makeup bag.  These Soymilk matte blushers come in 11 shades and are designed to leave the face looking healthy and radiant.  Creating a beautiful soft Summer glow you can lightly apply this product to the cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, infact all over the face and they blend like butter to create that healthy, sunkissed appearance.

Dollibox Review May 2017

Cougar Rich Honey Moisturiser

“Honey Honey how you thrill me ah-hah…”(apologies for the ABBA burst of song), but I love any skincare product with Honey in it because of just how amazing this natural ingredient is for the skin.  Honey is a natural antiseptic and so it can effectively heal minor skin irritations aswell as blemishes without drying the skin out in the process.  Making it ideal for sensitive, dry skin like mine.  Rich in vitamins and minerals, the Cougar Honey Moisturiser contains pure honey with banana extract.  It smells amazing and I cannot wait to apply this to my cleansed face in the morning.  After a stressful month my skin is calling for this big time.

Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

Aswell as my skin calling out for a pampering, my hair is too and this Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein pack couldn’t be more perfectly timed, thank you Dollibox!  You can choose to leave this product on your hair for about 10/15 minutes after shampooing or you can leave this on as an overnight treatment which I am really tempted to try.  Like Honey I love any product with Coconut in (mainly because I adore the smell) and this moisture-intensive treatment aims to strengthen and repair weak, fragile or damaged hair.  I have read good things about this so this is another product I cannot wait to try.

Dollibox Review May 2017 Dollibox Review May 2017

Leopard Cat Eyebrow Palette

Fun and cute packaging with a great mirror for an eyebrow set, this Leopard Cat Eyebrow Palette contains a dual colour eyebrow powder.  Small and compact so great for travel or on-the-go, unfortunately the colours are abit dark for me but the consistency and formula of the powder felt smooth and pigmented, I like their concept of mixing the 2 colours to create your own eyebrow colour.

Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes

Seacret Makeup Removing Wipes

I am never normally one for makeup wipes, as my skin is so sensitive I generally prefer to take my makeup off with a cleanser, however for travel or on-the-go they are incredibly handy.  These Seacret Makeup Removing Wipes are infused with a nutritive Dead Sea Mineral complex and are said to be for all skin types.  They are oil-based too so they should be pretty decent at removing any waterproof mascara which I often find makeup wipes aren’t, so hopefully ‘no panda eyes in the morning here’ with these.  For the first time in a very long time I am quite intrigued to give makeup wipes another go, so these will get packed in my cosmetic bag for my trip away in a couple of weeks time.

Deborella Mermaid Life

Deborella Mermaid Necklace

I love the fun factor of Dollibox so much, in the past few months we have seen Unicorns aplenty and now its Mermaids and why not?!  This necklace by Deborella was made exclusively for Dollibox – its pink, its a shell and it says ‘Mermaid Life’ – need I say more?!  I love it!  Such a cute and unexpected addition to May’s box, be sure to head over to Deborella’s Etsy shop for all things bright, glittery and girlie….

Dollibox Review May 2017

For me, May’s Dollibox has been the perfect pick-me-up, a great pamper box of girlie fun and quality products to help me de-stress and feel good.  I think the standout product is the blush because its definitely my kind of colour and I love the healthy glow it gives.  Also I can’t wait to give my hair some TLC with the Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack.  June….I feel a little more ready for you now, thanks Dollibox.

Dollibox Monthly subscription fees are currently £10 per month plus p+p, with other 3, 6 and 12 month packages also available.

To subscribe to Dollibox or to find out more about their boxes, head over to their website: DOLLIBOX

or to follow their Social Media:



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