Fashion Face Masks and Face Coverings – Our New Normal

July 29, 2020

Fashion Face Masks and Face Coverings - Our New Normal
Face Coverings UK

With the UK government now making it mandatory to wear a face mask / face covering as we go about our public business in certain places.  It goes without saying that face masks are now becoming part of our daily lives, something that was unimaginable a year ago.

I’ve seen quite a few people already co-ordinating their face coverings with their outfits.  So does that mean ‘fashion face masks’ are becoming our new normal?  It would appear so.

Whilst surgical grade masks offer better protection against the transmission of Covid 19, they aren’t necessarily accessible for the every day person.  And with disposable masks becoming an environment concern.  Many of us are now looking at making our own masks, or to purchase reusable face coverings that are machine washable.

Wearing face masks / face coverings for a period of time can be difficult.  All the amazing keyworkers and workers out there having to wear them day in and day out really are incredible.  If like myself, you are fortunate to be someone that is looking for a face covering to wear only for when you are going about your limited day-to-day activities such as the shops, for your commute, running errands, takeaway food, etc.   Then having a softer fabric and finding the right shape of mask for your face shape, is something to certainly consider to make them a little more bearable to wear.

Where to find them?

Most online and fashion retailers are now launching various ranges of masks, including unisex prints.  High Street firms such as ASOS, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Marks and Spencer, Topshop and New Look to name but a few.  The Disney Store in particular have some great prints that come in various sizes for kids and us big kids, they even have Star Wars.  Claire’s also do a great range of bright prints and patterns for children in various sizes, with some colourful patterns for us adults as well. Gap now offer a family Unisex Pack.  Supermarkets are another great stop for finding various sizes of face masks. As well as sites such as Etsy or your local shops and boutiques for supporting smaller businesses.  Plus any face coverings that are charitable masks are a great way to purchase a face mask whilst supporting a worthy cause.

Reusable Face Masks UK
Reusable UK Face Masks
Reusable Cloth Face Mask


It should be noted that wearing a face mask like the ones on this page, are not medical devices/personal protective equipment, or guarantee any medical benefits.  Nor do they substitute for social distancing, hand washing, or following the government guidelines on protecting ourselves and others against the Coronavirus.

However with face masks / face coverings becoming our new normal I thought I would share some that have caught my eye.


Please note that the masks shown on this page may contain affiliate links.  However 100% of any commission made from any of these affiliate links will all be donated.  Plus, I will then double that figure myself, donating all monies to NHS Charities Together” (you can read more about their incredible work, or make a donation yourself by clicking here).



(always check sizing / measurements before ordering)

ASOS  /  Dorothy Perkins  /  River Island Marks and Spencer  /  New Look  /  Topshop  /  Mango  /  Gap  /  The Disney Store  /  Claire’s  /  Anthropologie  /  Oliver Bonas  /  Next  /  John LewisSelfridges  /  Amazon



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