FeelUnique Beauty Diary 2017 – A Bloggers Best Friend

I am one of those people who makes lists, writes everything down and the thought of an electronic calendar scares the heebeejeebies out of me.  So as soon as I saw this diary from FeelUnique my eyes light up, and then I instantly did a double take when I realised not only was it a diary but a ‘Beauty’ Diary.  It was ordered and on its way to me faster than I could open my Macbook.

When it comes to stationery in general I am abit of a stationery geek and proudly so.  I may be a beauty blogger but I adore stationery, all kinds of stationery. I am a huge appreciator of quality paper, pretty journals and adorable diaries.  I think it all steams back to when I was little girl, I kept a journal throughout school and through most of my late teens, creating my own little stories in beautifully designed books.  And after every Christmas or Birthday I would excitedly go to pick out which new stationery thank you cards I would write (in my best handwriting) to send to friends and family.  I do miss all that now especially with social media and emails.  I cannot remember the last time I wrote or received a handwritten letter, its such a personal touch that seems to have been lost in our fast-paced lives these days which is really quite sad.  But nevertheless the adoration of all things paper-pretty has stayed with me throughout adulthood and I often find myself wandering admiringly round London stationery stores after work, where I get as much of a thrill from a new beautifully designed notepad as I do going into a fashion store and picking up a new season collection item, (except for handbags, then I really go nuts for handbags!).

The FeelUnique Diary is a diary-lover and beauty bloggers dream, perfectly sized to be a decent enough diary that you can actually write in normal sized handwriting, but small and sleek enough as to not be an imposter in your handbag (12.6cm x 20.5cm).  Its bright, pastel and colourful with an elastic closure and ribbon page marker, and so much fun!  Everyday when I open the diary it makes me smile, I love the monthly motivational/kick-ass quotes and the important ‘Beauty Dates’ (e.g London Fashion Week, National Lipstick Day, National No-Selfie Day) all of these whilst fun are brilliant for blog ideas, Instagram feeds and beauty/event planning.  Each month also has a budget planner, notes and (very importantly) a doodles area.  There are pages for holidays, wishlists, an address book, 2017 overview, monthly overviews and pretty much everything you can think of really to help keep your life organised and for me my blogging life all planned out.  At the back there is even a little card sleeve folder packed with fun stickers which is a cute additional touch and not forgetting the diary is packed with beauty tips along the way to aid you through the year in style.

The original price was £15.00 but I managed to get it at 50% off in the FeelUnique sale which I think was an absolute bargain.  I would have most definitely paid full price for this.  I was also really impressed with FeelUnique’s service, its actually the first time I have used them but from ordering to delivery everything was hassle free and informative.  I highly recommend trying to snap one of these diaries up before they sell out and I really hope they make another one next year.




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