Glossybox Review – A Year with Glossybox


I recently received a thank you beauty/makeup bag from Glossybox for my one year subscription with the Beauty box, so I felt now would be the perfect time to look back on my year as a beauty box subscriber and ask ‘was it actually worth the money?’.

Beauty boxes have become a hugely popular trend and business, there seems to quite the selection out there now and they are definitely a lusting point for us beauty lovers.  You basically subscribe monthly to a beauty box brand (such as Glossybox or Birchbox, etc) and each month a little box of surprise beauty goodies arrives at your door.  Glossybox is one of the most popular beauty boxes and its the one that caught my eye with interest, mainly down to their beautiful box artwork and some fabulous products that I had seen featured in previous boxes.  So I took the plunge and signed up in March 2015, I chose the month by month subscription which does work out the most expensive route at £10.00 per month (plus p&p) but does give you the option to cancel at any time.  Subscribing for a year upfront is the most cost effective way at £8.50 per month (plus p&p) and there are other packages available too.  My thought at the time was to try a few boxes monthly and see how it goes from there, I fell in love instantly and one year on I am still totally hooked.


I just can’t bring myself to cancel now, I just love ‘Glossybox day’.  My husband and kids even know ‘Glossybox day’, as am sure does our postman when I squeel at him as he bewilderingly hands over the packaged box.  For me it is now my little monthly treat, my gift ‘from me to me’ and I just love that element of surprise as I am opening the box for the first time each month, untying the colour coordinated ribbon, carefully peeling the tissue paper back to reveal my shiny new goodies and then ooooing and aaaahing that follows as I peruse and test each product all over my hands.

With the Glossybox you receive 5 beauty products each month (sometimes miniatures, sometimes full size), which over my first year has included Face Creams to Tweezers, False Lashes to Eyeshadow Palettes, Haircare Products to Nail Polishes and my absolute favourite the custom created for Glossybox Clear Makeup Pouch by the hugely talented fashion illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin.

Glossybox Year in Review - House of Paper Doll

Clear Makeup Pouch Illustrated by Jamie Lee Reardin inside the Parisian Themed Glossybox

Brands such as Becca, Essie, HD Brows, Laura Mercier and Sleek have all featured their products with Glossybox and Nars recently collaborated on a special limited edition box full of Nars goodies which I was fortune enough to snap up (limited edition boxes don’t fall under the regular monthly subscription but subscribers are given first chance at purchasing them and I got lucky with the Nars box as it sold out instantly).

Most monthly Glossyboxes are themed based such as Old Hollywood Glam, Parisian, Love (Valentines), Rose Gold…and as well as the products inside reflecting this so does the artwork on the box, which I think is by far the prettiest and most interesting of all the beauty boxes out there.  I now have a growing stack of these said boxes because they are just too beautiful to throw away.

House of Paper Doll Glossybox Instagram

Instagram Photos from my ‘what’s inside my Glossybox’ over the past 12 months @houseofpaperdoll

When you first sign up to Glossybox you complete a short online beauty survey on your skintype, hair type, makeup look preferences, etc, which they will use to match you to the most suited beauty products each month.  You can also review each product in your Glossybox through your online Glossybox account which you then receive Glossydots points….earn enough points and you can receive a free box.

So was this last years subscription worth the money?  I think it certainly was!  All in all for me I have really enjoyed my first year with Glossybox, it feels abit like a monthly pampering and I will certainly be continuing on with my subscription.  I think Glossybox is a great way to test and try all different kinds of beauty products each month, being honest some products I do give away but many I have used up and then gone on to actually purchase.  But the best part is still that ‘element of surprise each month when you are presented with this pretty box of beauty goodies waiting to be discovered’ such a little treat!

Let me know your thoughts on beauty boxes in the comments below x


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