Green Dream – The Colour of the Season

July 3, 2020

Green Dream - The Colour of the Season
Sage Green Bag
Green Dream - The Colour of the Season


Green is such a calming colour isn’t it?

We have been introducing a lot more green into our home and recently my wardrobe is becoming a bit of a green themed zone too.  I just seem to be drawn to the colour so much right now.

Sage green is everywhere at the moment, its definitely ‘the’ colour of the season.  And its not hard to see why.  It goes with so much, from denims, to whites, black, to browns.  From tans to greys, you name it sage green will most probably go with it.  Its suits all skin tones and ages, and it’s just so easy to wear.

Introducing a touch of sage green into the home can bring a lovely light, tranquil feeling to it as well.  It works beautifully with beech woods, whites, neutral tones and much more.

Whether you are as ‘in love’ with the shade as I am.  Or you are looking to add the odd accessory, home item or piece to your wardrobe.  Here are my ‘Green Dream – Sage Green’ picks I am lusting after right now.


New Look Green Smock Dress

Wallis Blazer
Oasis Sage Green Dress
Wallis White Blazer





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