Happy New Year and My Blog turns 3

January 8, 2019


Happy 2019! 

If you are reading this I hope you had a wonderful holiday period. 

Its been so lovely for us to have time out at home with the girls just relaxing, late nights, late mornings and enjoying the Seasonal food and drink (maybe a little too much of the latter as my jeans are certainly a little tight right now!).  The kiddos went back to school this morning and normal service has resumed.  Getting up was quite the challenge for us all this morning after a lovely lazy Christmas break, but its back to normality, back to routine and back to blogging.

House of Paper Doll turns 3

I can’t believe that it’s also been 3 years since I started my little blog!  3 years ago I pressed ‘publish’ on my very first blog post and I’m so happy and grateful with my blogging journey so far.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some of my favourite brands and whilst I still consider myself a relative newbie to the ‘Blogging World’, especially to those that have been blogging for nearly a decade, I’m proud that this is now my career, I absolutely love it and it also fits so well around the children. 

So where do I hope 2019 will take House of Paper Doll? 

I’m not really one for the whole ‘New Year, New Goals’ type of thing but I definitely have some new ideas and directions I would like House of Paper Doll to head towards, so I’ll say these are my ‘New Year, New Priorities’ for my work life.

House of Paper Doll You Tube


This is going to be my number one priority for 2019 when it comes to work.  I’ve dipped in and out of making vides for a couple of years.  I love creating and editing the videos but time has always prevented me from being able to be consistent with it.  I actually filmed quite a few videos before Christmas, but then I wasn’t quite happy with them so they never made it up on my Channel.  Well 2019 is the year I am going to kick myself up the bum and just get on with it.  I feel its a bit of a ‘now or never’ with Youtube to be honest.  The platform (like Instagram) is ever changing, but my aim is to get to the point very soon where I am uploading weekly videos that correlate to my weekly blog posts so my YouTube Channel and Blog work together in sync.  Basically I want my YouTube Channel to become my ‘video blog’ version and I’m really excited to see how these may grow together.

Disney Blogger
Walt Disney World Planning


We actually head out to Florida next month!  (I can’t believe we can finally say that!).  I’m really excited and I hope to have my camera permanently attached to my hand to video and take photos of pretty much everything.  Once we are back I want to bring lots of ‘Disney’ related content to the Blog and my YouTube Channel, I have so many video and blog post ideas written down already and I am just bursting to get started. 

I do have a Disney section on my Blog at the moment but it’s been more ‘Disney Product’ related, this section will expand rapidly this year and will hopefully help me beat the ‘Disney Blues’ once we are home with lots of reviews, tips, experiences and plenty more products.

Happy New Year and My Blog turns 3


We live in Spain now, I’m still back and forth to the UK a lot, especially London, and all the brands I work with are mainly UK based, but our home is in Spain and I really want to embrace that this year (Brexit pending of course!).  If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already have seen lots of photos of me around some of our local Spanish villages and there will certainly be more of that coming in 2019.  We live in a beautiful area and I want to explore more, lots of bars, restaurants, places to see and things to do and I would love to share some of this with you this coming year.  I’ll maybe do some Spanish city and resort guides, but in one way or another whether its on my Blog, YouTube or Social Media expect a whole lot of Spain. 

There will still be lots of London content as I pop back for events, meetings, photoshoots, etc which I also hope to start vlogging too!  Plus there will be more Afternoon Tea’s this year because I just love a good old London Afternoon Tea!



Continuing from 2018, 2017 and 2016, Beauty will always be the main bulk of my content, its what I love work wise the most and I especially love discovering new products and brands.  My hope for 2019 is that I just continue from where 2018 finished, sharing my love of all things Charlotte Tilbury, Molton Brown, Candles, Fragrances, discovering new makeup favourites and not forgetting some Halloween makeup fun later on in the year.  In terms of Beauty content it will be pretty much the same, which I hope you love as much I enjoy creating.

House of Paper Doll
House of Paper Doll

Get More Active

I hold my hand up that I’m not one for getting heavily involved in the blogging community.  I do go to events and I do try as much as I can to comment on peoples Instagram posts but I know its an area I definitely need to improve on.  I’m going to try and be a lot more active this year and set aside a time of the day for enjoying and praising fellow bloggers work either on their blogs or social media channels as I know its a lovely feeling when others do the same to me, it really is appreciated.  I’m not so good on Twitter either so I want to try and get a little more active on that.

In terms of ‘Getting More Active’ the same needs to be applied to me fitness-wise too.  When we lived in London I walked everywhere so my weight was always pretty consistent but since moving to Spain we drive everywhere and I’ve noticed the weight creeping on and on.  I’ve gone up a good dress size and its purely down to not getting outside and walking enough.  I’m not a gym bunny at all and I have to be careful with my lower back, so I’m going to give myself an hour each weekday to get outside and go for a good walk.  I think it will be a great way to switch off for a bit whilst hopefully starting to walk off those extra pounds.  I’ve written this part in here so that it hopefully helps motivate me!

So these are my priorities and where I hope to improve over the next 12 months and beyond.  I’ll look forward to reading this back this time next year anticipating that I’ve stuck to what I hoped I would do. 

Thank you so much for continuing to join me on this House of Paper Doll journey, I really love creating content and appreciate every single one of my readers and followers. 

Wishing you lots of happiness, good health and sunshine this coming year.


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