Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette


The Limited Edition Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light palette is rather a long title but to be honest this product deserves that rather long title because its all kinds of subtle brilliance.  I am writing this genuinely surprised that this is actually my first ever purchase from the brand Hourglass.  Its a brand I have known well for years and one that is known for their subtle makeup, something I am all about.  I have almost splurged on several of their palettes in the past having had them in my checkout bag on several occasions.  I am not quite sure why they never ended up making it through to my payment screen before now, but boy am I glad I finally made the purchase with this palette because I am in love with everything about this product.  It gives my makeup and skin a kind of airbrushed glow and its now a staple in my everyday makeup bag.

HourglassSurrealPalleteHouseofPaperDoll HourglassSurrealPalleteHouseofPaperDoll


Packaging:  The packaging is a beauty blogger/Instagram photogenic dream and one I am sure will pop up many times on my Instagram feed for months to come.  The marble design packaging is so on trend right now (rose gold or marble seem to be everywhere on beauty blogger feeds and they seem to be what I am swooning after beauty wise too) and its the marble packaging that initially caught my eye when I first layed eyes on it on Instagram, and to be honest I almost didn’t care what was on the inside, it was marble and pretty and making its way to my payment screen!  The packaging is a thick, hard and sturdy plastic with the marble design look throughout, its light and airy just like the products inside and blimey is the inside just as dreamy as the outside.  Inside you have a large mirror on one side (which stays open and doesn’t fall closed) and on the other side are the 4 square pans and one larger rectangle shape pan all smiling there in their glory.

Formula:  In true Hourglass style I adore the marble-like effect on the actual products themselves they seem to swirl in beauty and you almost feel bad for tapping your brush into the pan.  Beautiful, blendable and buildable and the soft focus technology within the product helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections whilst the product smoothly glides on your skin almost like air.


Shades:  All of these shades are new and exclusive so if you have any of the previous Hourglass palettes then atleast you won’t be doubling up on products which is great as many brands do tend to repeat certain shades in their palettes.

  • Surreal LightA Finishing Powder – the largest pan in the palette this is a sheer nude powder which adds the slightest warmth of colour on my super pale skin but one I really like and as a translucent powder girl that is saying something.  Its not a setting powder that will combat oil and shine instead this is a finishing powder which aims to add that touch of magic without masking or heavy coverage to leave an inner subtle glow.  With this powder you dust lightly over the face at the end of applying your makeup to create a gentle finish that works so beautifully over my Armani Silk Foundation and it seems to slightly blur the odd line out a little too creating a more ‘soft focus’ finish which as a 35+ female I am loving.
  • Surreal Bronze LightA Bronzing Powder – A light bronzer which is nether too orange nor too ash, it reminds me a little of Nars Laguna with a hint of their orgasm blush but in a softer, lighter and more luminescent form.  I really, really like it and on my pale skin it stills looks natural and creates a gorgeous sun kissed glow, this has become my Holy Grail Bronzer and I really hope they release this in the permanent line because its all kinds of wonderful.  A bronzer without looking like a bronzer if you get what I mean?  If you are pale-skinned, I cannot recommend this enough.
  • Surreal GlowA Blush Powder – a pale peony pink blush which is mixed with Surreal Light and it adds a nice warmth of colour to my cheeks, a gentle flush which is buildable and shows up quite peach on my pale skin, perfect for the Summer months and mixed with Surreal Bronze Light is perfect to keep me looking healthy through the Winter months too.
  • Surreal EffectA Blush Powder – A cool pink rose fused with warm peach for a pop of colour and I really like it. Its definitely more pink on my skin and this has the quickest colour payoff out of all the shades in this palette.   For me its the perfect pink for Winter and Spring which makes the palette so versatile for all year round and also when I want a little more pop of colour on my cheeks.
  • Surreal Strobe LightA Highlight Powder – A glimmering peach powder which is a lovely everyday highlight that gives a gentle soft glow without being shimmery or glittery, its just natural and beautiful.

I was a little nervous when I first opened the palette in daylight as you can certainly see shimmer in each of these products however once on the skin the shimmer vanishes, instead it just adds a lovely sheen glow, certainly no glitter ball face here.

Hourglass Surreal Light Palette House of Paper Doll

Swatches were difficult due to the lightness of the products but here they are..

1 – Surreal Light Finishing Powder  /  2 – Surreal Glow Blush  /  3 – Surreal Effect Blush  /  4 – Surreal Bronze Light  /  5 – Surreal Strobe Light


Value for Money:  In the UK this palette was Limited Edition to Space NK although it is now also available at John Lewis and costs £62.00 which is not cheap by any means.  I know when Hourglass brought out their holiday palette last year there were some complaints over the value for money/price per pan size.  For me as someone who doesn’t own any other Hourglass products it is value for money because I get a finishing powder, bronzer, highlighter and 2 blushers (one pink, one peach which are my kind of blushers) all in one.  I also find palettes tend to have smaller size products than the full size individual pans too which is why they can be perfectly compact just like this one.  I know I am going to get lots of use out of each and every product in this pan, there isn’t one I don’t like or one I wouldn’t use on a regular basis which is not something you can say for alot of palettes.  Plus I am now so in love with the finish of the products, it may well end up being one of the most used palettes I have ever owned and one I couldn’t be without to the point I am considering purchasing another so I have it in stock when the Limited Edition sells out.  That’s how much I love it!

Hourglass Ambient Palette House of Paper Doll

Wearing a combination of the shades from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette

My thoughts:  As I have never previously owned any Hourglass products this palette was a great way for me to test a range of their products in one go and in one beautifully packaged go.  I have to say I am super impressed and know that I am going to get alot of use out of this palette on my light skin tone however I am not sure how well some of these products would show up on a deeper skin tone due to the colour payoff despite being buildable.  The convenience of a palette like this makes its ideal for everyday on-the-go makeup where your finishing powder, bronzer, blush and highlight are all in one place so it saves precious time in a morning.  The size of the palette makes it perfect for travel and the large mirror inside is also a bonus.  The colours all have a warm tone, gold highlight base feel to them which I have never been a huge fan of before but I am now converted.  My face feels like the glow of the setting sun and I love it, perfect for holidays, Summer Days or to add a touch of sunshine throughout the Winter months.  Most of all I love the subtlety in the products, how buildable and blendable they are, how just a hint of one of their products gives your makeup a subtle, soft and natural glow from within you never knew you needed but once tried there’s no going back.  I am hooked.  The products to me are quietly amazing, almost like a whisper of makeup that once applied makes a quiet but beautiful difference.


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