Spring Awakening Skin with Science-led Skincare

April 24, 2017
John Lewis Skincare


John Lewis Skincare

With Cherry Blossoms aplenty, the lighter mornings and evenings upon us, and with Summer just around the corner, I know Spring to me is such a wonderful transitional Season.  The Winter hibernation is officially over revealing a season of births and new beginnings – we have made it through the long, cold Winter and so has our skin.  Spring also feels like the perfect time to take a re-evaluation of skin and skincare, almost like a chance to start anew.

With so many new products on the market claiming all sorts of wonderful things it can be difficult to know which products are worth the money.  Luckily the lovely people at John Lewis have us covered this year with some Science-led Skincare.  Each product in their Beauty Edit has been carefully chosen and highlighted because of their individual solutions, powerful ingredients and great performances – to me this sounds like a smart way to choose my skincare.

John Lewis Skincare

I am longing to leave behind my tired, duller, dry skin thanks to the lack of Vitamin D and the cold Winter mornings mixed with central heating combination.  If like me you are looking for products to give your skin that ‘Spring in its step youthful-glow’ then here are some products I highly recommend from the John Lewis Beauty Edit:


Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 – This is cream is quickly becoming abit of a favourite and its not hard to see why.  Its packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients including collagen which helps to firm and lift the skin.  A little goes a long way with this incredibly hydrating moisturiser and now the cream comes with an SPF 30.  This cream feels just lovely on the skin, its gentle but powerful which is a winning combination, and it helps to leave the skin feeling toned and fresh.  Any product that helps to fight the appearance of ageing, whilst hydrating my skin, and offers UVA and UVB protection gets my vote.  This pro-collagen delight works with so many different skin types including combination skin so I can really understand why people are loving this cream.

£80.00 – £99.00 (View more)

Zelens Retinol Drops – Zelens is a brand both myself and my Mum have used before and we have both loved.  Its a brand I feel really knows Skincare well, my Mum noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of age spot using their products and these Zelens Retinol Drops have really caught my eye.  Firstly I love their smart looking bottle packaging but also the fact that they come in individual Vitamins so you can really target those skin problems more specifically.  By focusing on Vitamins A, C and D – all 3 help to promote healthy skin that ages well so I know which ever I choose I am already in love!  To be applied after cleansing in the morning and evening all 3 of these formulas are designed to build the skins resilience to environment aggressors, which living in a city like London I know is something I always have a concern about,

Power A – this time-release, oil-free retinol treatment is ideal for someone like myself who suffers from Blemishes. Not only does it helps to clear blemishes whilst diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores, the powerful Vitamin A concentrate aids in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots (from sun-damage or ageing).  As mentioned above my Mum has noticed how Zelens products have reduced her age spots so for any mature skin I feel this is a wonderful product, but also for more blemish-prone skin like mine it can work equal wonders.

£115.00  (View more)

Power C – with a high potency concentrate of 20% Vitamin C, we all know the benefits Vitamin C has on our insides but in Science-led Skincare like this you now get the benefits on the outside too.  This silky treatment supports natural collagen which all aids in promoting more youthful looking skin – helping those wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness and elasticity.  If you are looking for a more radiant, youthful or environment fighting complexion I feel this product is a great place to look.

£125.00  (View more)

Power D – with a high concentrate rich of pro-vitamin D this product is formulated to deliver multiple skincare benefits including fighting the skins resistance to stressed conditions.  If you are craving healthy looking, re-plumped and supple skin with added protection then Power D comes highly recommended.

£110.00  (View more)

Sarah Chapman Eye Recovery – Another new brand to John Lewis and one I have read some fantastic reviews about.  Sarah Chapman’s whole range is worth checking out but I wanted to highlight this Eye Recovery Cream in particular.  Its been called ‘Botox’ in a Bottle – saving you from needles and pain, this multi-functional liquid-cream formula offers a complete solution to treating the signs of ageing.  Formulated with vitamins, antioxidants and a unique blend of 5 peptides, this product is aimed at reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles and I am welcoming this ‘Eye Recovery’ with open arms.

£44.00 (View more)

John Lewis Skincare

With new brands and new innovative products really tackling Skincare, Skin issues and Skin problems in a Science-led way, the Beauty Edit from John Lewis is highly recommended in having a browse through to see how they can help you.  I feel they are really educating me on Skincare and the benefits of certain ingredients within skincare which is so important.  Some of the products may at first seem a little pricey but for me I would always pay much more for my Skincare than any makeup (the better the skin the less makeup I feel I need to use too).  I see Skincare as an investment in myself and nothing beats that feeling of having a more youthful, fresh-faced glow staring back at me in the mirror.  I feel in a way I am now Spring cleaning my skin which I hope will leave it re-rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on Summer and all it brings, so thank you John Lewis.

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