La Mer New The Concentrate Review

August 1, 2020

La Mer New The Concentrate

When you are invited by La Mer to test out a new product, I have to say you feel rather special indeed.  As a huge fan and advocate of the brand and as someone who is pretty addicted to their skincare products.  This is one of those ‘very happy to accept the mission’ moments.  So a huge thank you to La Mer for sending this wonderful product over to me.

The product is the NEW ‘The Concentrate‘.  As a huge devotee to the ‘Beauty Cult’ original formula, I have to say I was left wondering, just where could La Mer improve on it?  Was that even possible?  After two weeks of testing the NEW The Concentrate I was absolutely in love.  It is without question one of the best skincare products I have ever used.  The amount of compliments I had on my skin over those couple of weeks (which was pre-lockdown) confirmed my love even further.

Fast forward to the launch date which is today for the La Mer New The Concentrate, and having now used this product for several months.  I can honestly say my initial thoughts and love for this product has only grown.  I am absolutely in love with this beautiful skincare magic potion.  It is a real ‘desert island’ must have, and one I cannot imagine being without now.

La Mer New The Concentrate
La Mer New The Concentrate Review

Lets look at the Packaging

Beautifully elegant, sleek and sophisticated, it’s a bottle made to sit pride of place on your dressing table.  The screw top makes opening the product easy and mess free, whilst the integral spatula wand makes applying the product a breeze.


Twice daily.  I like to use in a morning under makeup.  Then again in the evening before my moisturiser.  I like to take a small amount of the serum from the spatular wand onto my finger tips, then smooth The Concentrate between the finger tips before patting gently into my face.  Finally, any product that is remaining I massage into the skin.  It feels so luxurious and soothing, it just glides onto the skin and it feels absolutely divine.

La Mer New The Concentrate Review
La Mer New The Concentrate Review

Texture and thoughts

The texture is so incredibly smooth on the skin it almost feels like you are applying the smoothest velvet or the finest silk to your face.  The product absorbs into the skin like magic, very quickly, leaves no greasy or sticky residue, and you can instantly feel the lightweight texture calm your skin like nothing I have tried before.  My skin just soaks this up like a dream.

I found the La Mer New The Concentrate left my skin so smooth and so incredibly soft.  I don’t think I have ever used a product that has helped my skin feel this smooth.  Its very gentle on the skin too, with almost a weightless feeling to it.  I also experienced absolutely no irritation at all.  Instead it felt kind, like I was adding goodness to my skin and it certainly helped with the appearance of any inflammation too.  I know people have mentioned this beautiful magic potion as aiding with the recovery of acne or eczema scarring, it is so calming on the skin and a wonderful Seasonal soother – be that from sun kissed skin or winter worn skin.

My skin is very sensitive and I have found that my skin has remained so much calmer and clearer since using the new The Concentrate.  Used twice a day you start to really see the benefits of this wonderful pot of magic, and it feels like it heals the skin in the areas where you may need it to, it is just so incredibly soothing to apply.

Having turned 40 in April, the appearance of fine lines and signs of ageing is something I am more concerned about than I have ever been.  The Concentrate I feel, makes my skin appear more youthful, because of the smoothness of it.  I feel like it has really started to work on those fine lines, plumping where needed, and with continued use I can see this vastly assisting with fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s like a renewal of the skin.

La Mer New The Concentrate Review
La Mer New The Concentrate Review
La Mer New The Concentrate Review

A whole new Love

I was already in love, but I have fallen into a ‘whole new love’ with the La Mer New The Concentrate.  I really feel that by using this product my skin is cared for, and it shows.  A little goes a long way so the product lasts very well.  It gives my complexion a healthy, natural and subtle glow from within, whilst providing hydration without any heaviness or lasting residue.

Combined with the iconic Crème de la Mer I honestly don’t think you could find a more perfect skincare pairing.  I cannot praise the La Mer New The Concentrate enough, it is so nourishing, calming, smoothing and soothing.  If you have troubled skin, acne prone skin, scarring or suffer with irritation you simply must try this.  Likewise this product would work beautifully for all ages and skin textures.  A whole new icon in the Beauty Industry has arrived, and I for one, am its biggest fan.

Where to Purchase the La Mer New The Concentrate

 The La Mer New The Concentrate is available from today (August 1st 2020) 

You can purchase in various sizes from 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml 

Shop La Mer New The Concentrate Online


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