Lilac and Purple MAC Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Lilac eyeshadow is something many people shy away from, including myself.  Of all my eyeshadows in both my kit and personal collection these ones are most likely to be filed in the ‘never use but keep for a just incase moment’ drawer.  To look at them in an eyeshadow pan they are such pretty colours that it seems abit of a waste for the neglect they unjustly receive.  So I decided to go through my ‘eye shadows that I keep but hardly ever use’ palette to create a series of wearable looks for everyday starting with the lilacs and purples – hopefully to prove that lilac eyeshadow is just as pretty on the lid as it is in the pan and that it can be used for a natural, soft, everyday look for any occasion and not just for that rare ‘night out pop of colour’ makeup look.


Face:  After moisturising I used my current favourite everyday foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, I did a full review on this foundation which you can find here – its a lovely lightweight, natural foundation that works great for my dry maturing skin and I always love the way this foundation photographs.  I apply with fingers then use a beauty blender to really buff into the skin for that skin-fresh finish.  I used MAC’s Prep and Prime Translucent Powder to lightly set the foundation under the eyes and round the nose areas.  With this duo I often find I can skip concealer (great for on the go or the early morning rush).


Eyes:  As always I prime my eyes with the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion this ensures the makeup lasts longer on my lids and that they stay crease resist.  For this eye look I used 4 MAC Eye shadows to create my own ‘Lilac Look Quad’

  • Blanc Type – a light cream/beige neutral, no fuss shade, perfect for highlighting and inner eye corners – basic but a must have
  • Beautiful Iris – a truly beautiful by name and by swatch lavender colour with a slight sheen – a soft, cool lilac with a pearly smooth finish
  • Parfait Amour – violet with a hint of blue undertones and a nod of shimmer although once on my lid it doesn’t show any shimmer at all – great as a blending colour and one I now realise I have neglected for far too long
  • Satin Taupe – cult favourite, hugely talked about and much loved for a reason, personally I think its one of the MAC eyeshadows everyone should own, according to MAC its ‘Taupe with a silver shimmer’ but the beauty of this shadow is that it changes colour depending on which other colours are paired with it – I find it can lean more taupe, grey, more brown or more mauve/purple depending on which shadows blend next to it.  For me its satin, smooth and just purely wonderful.


Eye Application:

  • Firstly I applied Blanc Type all over the lid, I always like to use a light eye shadow on my lid first as I feel it helps to make the eyes pop when you then add the main colour on top, its makes the colours appear so much brighter (I have also used MAC’s Crystal Avalanche or White Frost instead of Blanc Type for this look).
  • For the main colour I used Beautiful Iris which is a gorgeous smooth and pigmented lilac colour.  I blended this on top of Blanc Type all over my lids up to the crease, next I used Parfait Amour a deeper lilac on the outer corner of my lids and blended this up to my crease still on the outer eye.
  • For the crease itself I used the hugely popular Satin Taupe blending this colour all along my crease line before adding a few sweeps of Blanc Type under my brow bone.  I then added a touch of Beautiful Iris just above the crease and buffed this in to blend the eye colours together.
  • For eyeliner I always reach for the Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, I drew a fine line close to the lashes on both the top and bottom of my eyes, once dried I then carefully went over the eyeliner with the eyeshadow colour Parfait Amour on both the top and bottom of my eyes using a pencil brush (Sigma E30) to add more softness to the eyeliner and to help tie the whole soft lilac look together.
  • Finally I added a couple of coats of Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara, a mascara I am currently loving for its fullness, non-clumpy, lengthening but still natural look.

Lilac Eyeshadow Makeup Look - House of Paper Doll


Cheeks:  I decided to go with neutral peach shades on the cheeks and lips because I felt it brought the whole look together better with my skin tone.  Light neutral pinks would also work well depending on the skin tone but as there were blue undertones in the eyeshadows I felt a neutral peach complexion both complimented and gave a more natural, soft look.  I used both Bobbi Brown’s Nude Peach and MAC’s Melba on my cheeks.  Bobbi Brown’s Nude Peach works a treat on my super fair skin but on darker shades I have found this colour to be barely noticeable, MAC’s Melba is a hugely popular peach colour that gives a beautiful, natural pop of peach and compliments so many different skin tones.  I used Bobbi Brown’s Nude Peach over the cheeks and with a light hand added MAC’s Melba for a stronger pop of peach on the apples of my cheeks.


Lips:  To compliment the peach cheeks I mixed MAC’s Sweet and Sour with MAC’s Cherish lipsticks together.  Cherish by itself was a little too neutral brown and Sweet and Sour on its own is such a beautiful peach colour but unfortunately does absolute nothing for my complexion and makes me looked washed out but I find it to be a perfect shade to mix with other lipsticks to add that touch of perfect hint of peach.

And that’s my soft lilac eye look which I hope encourages you to reach for those neglected but oh so pretty shades in an old palette somewhere in your makeup drawer, its great to give old shades a new lease of life xx


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