MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette

June 6, 2019

I do think when it comes to eye shadows MAC Cosmetics are hard to beat.  Some of their shades have been my ‘go-to’s for as long as I can remember and for good reason.

The Electric Wonder Collection launched in the UK last month (and today in the USA).  Once again as a sucker for pretty packaging this collection really caught my eye.  White, Pink and Gold marble effect packaging……so so dreamy.

The Electric Wonder Collection offers a variety of limited edition products including lipsticks, a lip-glass selection, makeup brushes, powders and 2 eye palettes.

Some of my trusted MAC Cosmetics eye shadows had almost run out so I decided to pick up the Electric Wonder Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette as many of the shades in this palette looked quite similar to some of my all time favourites.  I also picked up an extra makeup brush (the split fibre eye blending blush) as I am huge MAC Cosmetic makeup brush fan.



The Palette Packaging

As mentioned above the ‘Electric Wonder’ Collection has the most gorgeous white, pink and gold marble effect packaging.  I love the white as most of my MAC Palettes are black.  Although I do think the back of this palette will get pretty dirty quite easily, in fact mine already has and I haven’t had it that long, its still by far my favourite packaging for an eye palette yet.

Mirror Mirror – I love that this palette comes with a huge inside mirror.  A welcomed change for MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes and its the perfect size for applying makeup in a morning and for travel.

Slimmer Palettes – I also love that the packaging of this eye palette is a bit of a throwback to the old MAC Eyeshadow Palettes (remember those?!).  The old style had rounded edges (which I much prefer to the square pointy edges of the newer MAC Cosmetic palettes as I am always scratching myself with them).  The old style was also a lot thinner and just less chunky and cumbersome than the newer MAC Palettes.  Whilst the Electric Wonder Eye Shadow Palettes aren’t quite as slimline as the old style, they are still a lot more streamlined than the newer MAC Palette style, and I so happy about that!

12 Shades – In this Palette you get 12 eyeshadow shades.  Most MAC Palettes offer 9 or 15 shades, so to me 12 is the perfect number.  It still gives you plenty of options without carrying too many shades.  It’s that perfect in between size.

Pan/Shade Size – Unlike so many MAC Cosmetics limited collection sets, this Electric Wonder Eye Palette Set contains full size eye shadows.  12 full size eyeshadows that are removable.  So if you already have some of the MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows in the pro pans (i.e without the single packaging) and there are any shades in this Electric Wonder palette you know you won’t use, then you can switch them out or rearrange the order of them til your hearts content.  I know there are a couple of shades already I won’t use in this palette, so I can pass those on to family or friends who already have a MAC palette, and instead replace those shades with some of my favourite ones.  The perfect way to customise this palette into your ultimate MAC palette really.



The Shades

When it comes to eye shadow palettes, they are usually a huge hit or a complete miss for me.  I often find eye shadow palettes contain so many shades I wouldn’t really use, or at least not regularly enough to warrant a purchase, and I try to only purchase products I think I will honestly use regularly.  However this MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette is such a great palette, with a considerable number of shades that will work with many skin tones to create a range of easily-wearable looks.  I feel like its a really solid basic starting point if you are looking for a new palette, especially one for everyday wear or for the Summer months.

The MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Collection offers 2 Eyeshadow 12 Pan Palettes – one with cool tones which is called ‘Desert Lightning’ and one with warm tones which is this one ‘Natural Vice’.  Despite the fact I am more cool toned, I decided to pick up the warm toned palette purely because I preferred the shade offering in this one and felt I would just get far more use out of the colours, especially in the Summer months.



MAC Electric Wonder Eyeshadow Palette Swatches



I personally feel there is a decent selection of neutrals here that will work so well for everyday, day-to-night and for more of a brown smokey eye with shimmers of gold or rose gold.  I think this palette will cover the basics for a wide range of skin tones, age ranges and desired looks.

Whilst it definitely isn’t a ‘wow’ in terms of shade offerings and there are definitely shades I know do not suit me, but that is also down to the fact that this is a warmer eye palette and I am more cool toned.  Despite that there are some great shades in here I am really enjoying wearing already…’Pleasing To The Eye’, ‘Sun Tweaked’ and ‘Valley of the Goddess’ in particular and also ‘Desert Rose-Mance’ is so so pretty.

Overall I am really happy I picked up this palette, the style of the packaging is one I wish MAC would make permanent.  I just love the sleek, rounded edges and with the pans being full size I’ll swap out the shades I am not so keen on with old ones I already have and love.  A normal MAC eyeshadow pro-pan to purchase is £10/$7 each, so when you consider with this palette you get 12 full sized pans plus the gorgeous mirrored packaging for £39/$48, I personally think this is really fantastic value for money.

These types of MAC Collections do tend to sell out quickly, especially the eye palettes, so my advice if you are keen on purchasing one is to grab one sooner rather than later.

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MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette




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  1. Sarah says:

    I think the packaging on this Mac collection is so beautiful. I do love their eyeshadows. This palette looks lovely and a good shade range as well.

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