Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Tan-Tastic Review

August 29, 2018
Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze Review and Swatches

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze Review and Swatches

The Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze in Tan-tastic has been my go-to Summer Bronzer this year. 

Infused with Coconut it creates that perfect holiday sun-kissed look in a generously sized product.

Marc Jacobs is one of those brands whose products I lust over again and again.  Whenever I am in Sephora or a department store that stocks his line I always make a beeline for it.  I swatch everything in sight but usually end up leaving with nothing….but that’s only because I can never decide which product to splurge on.  It’s all so beautiful, I basically just want it all!

As soon as I saw his ‘Summer 2018 Coconut Fantasy Collection’ with the stunning white packaging with rose gold trimming, I knew now should be the time to dip my toe into Marc Jacobs Beauty.  I picked up this Omega Bronzer in Tan-Tastic plus the gorgeous Fantascene Eye Palette.  I have fallen in love with both of these two products already and I have a feeling I am going to be swimming in his products just like I am with Charlotte Tilbury products, and that’s a huge compliment.

This beautiful 2018 White and Rose Gold Collection titled “Coconut Fantasy” features a line of limited edition products to add to his ever growing ‘Coconut Collection Series’ which features some beautiful coconut-infused products.  I feel like I’m being transported to a beach getaway all over again.

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Review

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze Review

The Omega Tan-Tastic Bronzer

You may have already heard the hype around the Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze.  A hugely popular bronzer, and one that was pretty hard to get hold of.  This was part of Marc Jacobs Collection last Summer (2017) and not surprisingly it sold out.  It was re-launched this year as part of the Marc Jacobs Summer 2018 Coconut Fantasy Collection and due to its huge popularity it has now been promoted from limited edition to permanent (and this should make it a lot easier for us in the UK to track one down!).  I can totally see why its been added to the permanent line and I genuinely get the hype too.  Especially if you have a cooler toned complexion and you struggle with bronzers then this is the bronzer for you.

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze Review

The packaging

White packaging is my thing, some people love anything gold, some are all about the rose gold (which I really like too), but for me I am all about the clean, sleek, simplicity of white packaging, and this collection has the trimmings in Rose Gold giving you the best of both worlds.  I have to say in a sea of beauty products Marc Jacobs packaging really does stand out with his smooth, rounded edges and contemporary feel.  The push button openings for the palettes, bronzers and blushers makes for a sturdy and secure feeling, especially that satisfying ‘click’ closure.



Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Swatches

The Product

This bronzer is stunning, its infused with coconut which I love (if coconut isn’t your thing then this may not be one for you), but for me as soon as I open the generously size compact (25g) it instantly took me away to a beach holiday.  You get a lot of product and the large circular bronzer is a fantastic size for swirling a big old bronzing brush around in before dusting on the face or on the body, plus it also has a good solid and sturdy large mirror too.

The Shade

I swatched this ‘Omega Bronzer’ in Tan-Tastic and Marc Jacobs other Bronzer ‘Tantric’ (which has black packaging) in store.  The other bronzer ‘Tantric’ looked heavier and reddish on my paler skin, and I know from experience that any bronzer with any reddish or muddy appearance when swatched to stay right away from, as they can make me look orange when applied to my face.  Instead I always favour a more ashy toned or paler/neutral tones for that Summer sun-kissed tan glow.

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Tan-Tastic Review

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Tan-Tastic
Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Tan-Tastic
Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer


The finish is a radiant matte with no shimmer or glitter – producing a natural sun-kissed tan.  I think this bronzer would work for so many skin tones because its quite neutral, not too cool-toned, not too warm-toned, its just so universally flattering without being too much or too heavy.  It is also so easy to blend so even if you add a little too much product you can blend it like a dream to your preference.  Sometimes I use it to add a little definition as a contour, other times I just use it to add a wash of colour to my face overall, I love dusting this over my cheeks and then just blending it out so seamlessly.

I love it and am so happy its part of the permanent collection now otherwise I would have been trying to track down a reserve, its that good!  I think Marc Jacobs creates some beautiful beauty pieces especially around the Holiday Seasons and I’m really looking forwards to seeing what his Christmas 2018 Collection has in store.

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Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer Tan-Tastic (UK)

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer 

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Fantascene Eyeshadow Palette

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