Merci Handy x Disney

“The most adorable Disney themed Hand Cleansing Gels”  

Disney Hand Gels

Hand Sanitisers….something my handbag is never without, especially when you live in a City like London and take public transport a lot such as the underground and buses, and even more so when you have young children.  These handy sized hand cleansing gels have become an item I never leave the home without.  They are with me when I travel by plane, when I visit a hospital or the doctors, and they are just a must have item for an on-the-go hand cleanse when you aren’t near a bathroom or you just want to give your hands a good old sanitise.

Merci Handy x Disney

My favourite brand has always been Merci Handy, ever since I received a Black Vanilla hand gel in a beauty box a few years ago, its the brand I go back to again and again.  I love the size of them, I love that they never irritate my skin like some can and I love that they come in mildly fragranced coloured varieties that aren’t too overpowering with the scent.  I also find that these gels absorb quickly into the skin, they aren’t sticky nor do the bottles leak.

Disney Hand Sanitisers

Disney Merci Handy Set
Disney Merci Handy

We are currently planning a holiday to Walt Disney World for early 2019 – flights and most of our accommodation are all booked and I’ve definitely picked up the Disney Bug again (so expect a ton of blog posts about Disney/Walt Disney World coming your way over the next 12 months).  As I am getting rather giddy about all things Disney, the moment I saw this little pack of Merci Handy x Disney Hand Cleansing Gels I knew I had to have them, they are just too adorable!

Disney Merci Handy

The 6 hand cleansing gels come inside a re-usable and very cute ‘Mickey Ears’ plastic zip-lock pouch.  Now this might seem a little bit random but this clear bag is the perfect size due to its length for toothbrushes and toothpastes when travelling which is what I will be using this pouch for. 

Inside the pouch are the 6 hand cleansing gels in their signature Merci Handy 30ml shaped bottles with the flip-open lid.  Each one adorned with one of the ‘Mickey’s Gang’ Disney characters, and each one fragranced accordingly.

  • Mickey – Black Vanilla (this is both mine and my eldest daughters favourite Merci Handy scent)
  • Minnie – Chérie Cherry
  • Donald – Blue Wave
  • Daisy – Flower Power (my second favourite)
  • Pluto – Lollipop
  • Goofy – Oh My Lemon

Disney Hand Sanitisers

Disney Hand Gels

If you are a Disney fan these are such an adorable little item, and a great little stocking filler too – and yes….I did just mention Christmas already!  Priced at £14.90 for the set directly from the Merci Handy website and also at Disneyland Paris.  To purchase a Merci Handy gel individually they are normally priced at approx £2.90 so the £14.90 for 6 is quite a little saving, and especially when its such an adorable Limited Edition Set like this Disney one.  The hardest part is deciding which gel to use first…..which is your favourite?



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