Molton Brown Hand Care Essentials

June 8, 2020

Molton Brown Hand Lotion Review
Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Review


During this unprecedented time, the focus on hand care has become such an essential one.  Hand washing has sprinted its way into one of the most important parts of our daily lives.

I know we all normally wash our hands many times a day, and probably without thinking about it too much.  But during this pandemic, the focus on ‘how’ we wash our hands, how ‘long’ we wash our hands for, and even which songs we may be washing our hands to, has become quite the discussion.

Washing our hands as much as we are can certainly cause the skin to become dry and potentially irritated.  I know my children were coming home from school with their skin really sore from washing their hands so much the last week prior to lockdown.

So how can we continue to keep our hands clean without stripping them raw?  How can we still have super soft non-irritated skin when we are washing our hands so much?  Step forward….Molton Brown.

These products have been keeping my hands and my family’s hands super soft, not only during the past 11/12 weeks of lockdown, but for decades.  Honestly, we swear by Molton Brown Hand Care.

Molton Brown Hand Lotion

Molton Brown

Molton Brown has always been my go-to for hand care for as long as I can remember.  Their products are so hydrating and smooth, plus they smell incredible.   We all have our fragrance favourites, including our children.  Their fragrances evoke so many memories as their scents fill our bathrooms.

As hand washing is an essential part of helping us beat this virus, having a touch of luxury as you are caring for your hands feels like a luxurious pampering, which I think we all welcome right now.  The hardest part for us is choosing which scent to go with next.  So’s here’s a bit of a breakdown on the heavenly Molton Brown Hand Care Essentials.

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper
Molton Brown Hand Care Duo
Molton Brown Hand Wash Review

Molton Brown Liquid Hand Wash

Currently available in 9 beautiful fragrances to suit all tastes (my personal favourites include Orange and Bergamot, Fiery Pink Pepper and Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel).  The generously sized 300ml bottle gives you a long lasting liquid hand wash where a little goes a long way.  The pump makes it simple to use too, our 5 year old finds it ‘easy peasy’ in her words and the beautiful bottle design oozes luxury and opulence.

Its a hand wash you certainly don’t mind seeing on display, in fact it feels like such a treat to have in your bathroom.  Plus it gives you a feeling of pampering each time you wash your hands, a simple pleasure.  The Liquid Hand Wash lathers well in a smooth and creamy way and the fragrance lightly lingers afterwards.  You may just find yourself subtly smelling your hands quite a bit and enjoying the scent throughout the day.

I’ve always found Molton Brown’s hand washes to be so gentle on my skin.  I have sensitive skin and I find no matter how often I wash my hands with their hand wash, which at the moment is rather a lot, I have never experienced any irritation or soreness.  The hand washes are such a pleasure to use and to me are always worth the splurge.

Currently priced at £20.00 for full sized 300ml, with Travel Size sets also available.

Molton Brown Hand Care Essentials
Molton Brown Hand Care Essentials
Molton Brown Hand Wash Review

Molton Brown Hand Lotion

The iconic duo of the Molton Brown Liquid Hand Wash and the Molton Brown Hand Lotion….pardon the pun but they literally do go hand in hand to perfection.  I always smother my hands in the complimenting Hand Lotion fragrance after using the Molton Brown hand wash for the ultimate hand pampering.  I find this layers the accompanying scent beautifully too.  Like the Hand Wash, the Molton Brown Hand Lotions also come in the generously sized 300ml with a pump dispenser, and also like the hand wash, produce a beautiful lightly lingering fragrance you will sporadically enjoy a gorgeous whiff of throughout the day.

The lotion is so smooth to apply, absorbs beautifully and leaves the hands feeling so soft.  Its gentle, hydrating and non-greasy.  I usually apply this to my hands and also my arms at the same time to keep them super soft too.  Ideal for sensitive skin, all these products are paraben free, cruelty free, gluten free and are vegan.

Currently priced at £22.00 for full sized 300ml, with Travel Size sets also available.

Molton Brown Hand Cream
Molton Brown Hand Cream Review
Molton Brown Hand Cream Review

Molton Brown Hand Cream

I absolutely adore the Molton Brown Hand Creams.  They leave my ageing hands feeling so smooth, hydrated and soft.  Like all their products, I have never experienced any irritation either.

I always have one of these Hand Creams in my handbag and at 40ml they have also been the perfect travel companion on aeroplanes.  You will also find one of these Molton Brown Hand Creams by my bedside.  My evening ritual is to pop a bit of the hand cream on every night as I get into bed (you don’t need a lot) and I just love how quickly the cream absorbs into the skin.  No waiting ages for the cream to soak, no stickiness and no greasiness either.  Instead just beautiful hydration that feels so buttery to apply without leaving any noticeable film on the hands.  The hand creams are slightly thicker in consistency than the hand lotions, so therefore I find them to be a little bit more intensive/concentrated.  However they are still gentle, lightweight and moisturising in the most divine way.

Currently available in 5 fragrances (the Heavenly Gingerlily and Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment are my favourites).  The Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment in particular is amazing if you are suffering with cracked hands and my children adore the scent of this, its heavenly.

Current price range of £10 – £14 for full sized single products with gift sets also available.



Molton Brown Hand Wash

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Molton Brown Hand Wash and Hand Lotion Duo Sets

Molton Brown Hand Creams

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Molton Brown Hand Care Essentials


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