Molton Brown Men’s Fragrances Review

June 17, 2020
Molton Brown Mens Fragrances Review

Molton Brown Mens Fragrances Review
Molton Brown Mens Fragrances Review


The ‘masculine classics’, the ‘mysterious and intriguing scents’ and the ‘citrus-fresh’ favourites

My Molton Brown Men’s Fragrances Review and Guide

If you are a regular reader of my Blog then you will know that I am a huge Molton Brown fan and have been for years and years.  The brand is a big favourite in our household and that includes my Husband.  I love that so many of Molton Brown’s fragrances are unisex, which means we can both enjoy their products.  I also love how each scent can transform your morning shower or evening bath into a luxurious Spa-feel experience.

With Father’s Day in the UK this coming weekend, I thought now would be the perfect time to delve a little further into some of mine and my Husband’s favourite Molton Brown Men’s Fragrances.  With a few gift ideas along the way, ready for the special Father or Father Figure in your life.


A classic men’s scent and the one that introduced my Husband to Molton Brown.  My Husband spotted this Black Peppercorn Shower Gel in our bathroom, tried it one day and that was it, he just fell in love with the scent and Molton Brown instantly.  If you aren’t sure which fragrance to purchase for a Male whatever their age, or occasion may be, then I think Black Peppercorn is a great place to start.  I think it’s one that is a pretty safe bet.  A masculine warm scent with that hint of spice producing an uplifting and energising feeling.  Its un-intrusive, its not too heavy or overpowering.  Instead it feels natural, smooth and incredibly pleasant with that Molton Brown luxury feel.

Top note: refreshing coriander
Heart note: black peppercorns
Base note: aromatic vetiver

Shop Black Peppercorn

Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute
Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute



One of my personal favourites and a masculine scent that I love to wear too.  The Tobacco Absolute has a woody, leather, but contemporary feel to the scent.  Its a warm, well balanced and sophisticated scent, which I especially love for the Winter months.  An intoxicating fragrance with a touch of smokiness to it, but still with the right amount of citrus top notes.  I find this to be long lasting and another scent that is a go-to safe bet for any male of any age.  I love love love this fragrance on my Husband.

Top note: Argentinian grapefruit
Heart note: rosewood accord
Base note: leather accord
Extract: tobacco absolute

Shop Tobacco Absolute


One of the newer Molton Brown fragrances, Russian Leather is an incredibly fresh yet smokey scent.  A little more perfumed than some of the other classic Molton Brown masculine scents.  I feel this scent has a bit of a deep, dark, mysterious tone to it.  From the fresh pine, to the smoky wood, which seamlessly blend perfectly together to produce this warm, invigorating and intoxicating fragrance.  I think this is such an intriguing and enigmatic scent on a man.

Top notes: elemi, black tea and purple basil
Heart notes: Siberian pine, tobacco and birch
Base notes: vetiver, leather and cade

Shop Russian Leather

Molton Brown Mens Fragrances Review


With flakes of gold this masculine Mesmerising Oudh Accord and Gold feels like such a luxurious treat.  The thicker texture of the Body Wash creates a gorgeous lather in the shower and this fragrance give a real indulgence feeling.  Its rich, warm, deep and woody with some spice there too.  This exotic fragrance produces a touch of the Middle East for us and it is one we find to be very long-lasting.  Its a popular one for good reason and one my Husband loves.

Top note: spicy nutmeg oil
Heart note: elemi oil
Base note: rich oudh accord
Extract: exquisite gold leaf

Shop Mesmerising Oudh Accord and Gold



The distinguishable blue Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel feels like a fresh Summer day and this for us feels like a perfect scent for the Summer months.  Its one that takes you away to a Greek Island, or a day by a Sun-drenched Mediterranean coastline, with its salt-sprayed cypress, hints of zest, combined with cedarwood and musks.  This unique fragrance is uplifting and incredibly fresh and one that works so well for both day and night.  Ideal for those that prefer a crisper, cleaner and lighter fragrance and a huge huge favourite in our home.  I have a whole Blog Post on the Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Eau de Toilette right here.

Top notes: fig leaves, cardamom and bergamot
Heart notes: marine notes, jasmine and violet leaf
Base notes: salted cypress, cedarwood and musks

Shop Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel


An absolute year-round favourite in our household and if you like the smell of eucalyptus then you will fall in love with this refreshing and rejuvenating scent.  Please make a candle of this fragrance Molton Brown.  We especially love this in the Winter, but its ideal for Summer too.  If you have the sniffles a few drops of the Body Wash in the bath instantly helps to sooth and clear the airways, as well as providing a great bubble bath.  Like-wise this scent really opens the sinuses in the morning shower.  In the Summertime the Eucalyptus leaves you feeling clean, fresh and uplifted – we always take this with us on holiday.  Its the perfect one to use after a day on the beach, or after a day in the hot Sun, as it feels so cooling on the skin.  The scent feels natural, well balanced and our home is never without this family favourite.

Top note: invigorating eucalyptus
Heart note: crisp mint
Base note: cedarwood

Shop Eucalyptus

Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot
Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot


Another favourite in our household, and my personal favourite Molton Brown scent ever (I have a full blog post on the new Orange and Bergamot range here).  I would say that this is more of a unisex, than a typical masculine scent with its lively fresh citrus feel to it.  Incredibly uplifting, we reach for this as soon as the Sun starts shining,  Its perfect for those Summer months, but equally works well all year round.  A Molton Brown classic for a reason and another safe bet for someone who isn’t into heavy scents.  Its invigorating, zesty and just beautiful.  If you are looking to purchase for a Man and he loves the more citrus, fresher, ‘pick-me-up’ type scents…then this one is ideal.

Top note: orange, bergamot and mandarin
Heart note: neroli, cardamom and galbanum
Base notes: musk, ylang-ylang and cedarwood

Shop Orange and Bergamot


A newer addition to the Molton Brown family and its already a huge hit for us (I have a full blog post on this new Vetiver and Grapefruit collection right here).  Again I feel this is definitely more of a unisex scent than a typical masculine one.  Vetiver Grapefruit has a wonderful lingering, refreshing fragrance to it that leaves our bathroom full of its gorgeous aromas for quite some time.  Zesty and lots of vibrance from the Grapefruit, mixed with the Haitian Vetiver.  The opposing combinations shouldn’t work, but they do, and they do so beautifully well.  It’s a very uplifting and rejuvenating scent.  Again, if citrus scents are your Man’s type of preference then this is definitely worth a look.

Top notes: grapefruit, cardamom and white pepper
Heart notes: rose, neroli and lychee
Base notes: vetiver, cedarwood and amber

Shop Vetiver Grapefruit


Molton Brown Mens Fragrances Review


Molton Brown Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Molton Brown The Daring Adventurer Mini Travel Bag Set

A wonderful set I would highly recommend for Father’s Day or as a end of term gift for a Male Teacher.  The Molton Brown ‘The Daring Adventurer Mini Travel Bag Set’ includes 8 x 30ml Body Washes or Bath & Shower Gels (many of the scents I’ve featured in this blog post are included).  Along with a contemporary and sleek looking Molton Brown signature travel bag.  Perfect for travel (once we can again) and at £28.00 I think this is fantastic value for money.  Plus its a great way to try so many different Molton Brown scents for a fraction of the price.

Shop the Molton Brown The Daring Adventurer Mini Travel Bag Set

Molton Brown Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Travel Gift Set

A scent to perfectly suit Summer and even if we can’t make it abroad this year, we can bring a taste of overseas travel to us.  A household favourite and hugely distinguishable with the blue.  The Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Travel Gift Set offers a taste of sea-soaked adventures in a perfectly packaged £28.00 set.  Included are a travel size Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Eau de Toilette all nestled in a Limited Edition Striped Gift Box.

Shop the Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Travel Gift Set


You can also browse and shop the entire Molton Brown Men’s Collection right here which included Father’s Day Gifts to suit all budgets and fragrance preferences

If you enjoyed reading my Molton Brown Men’s Fragrances Review, there’s more Molton Brown product reviews and favourites (by clicking) right here.





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  1. Louise says:

    This is a really helpful guide thank you, I never thought of Molton Brown as I thought they would be too expensive but those travel gifts look really good, gonna pop into Molton Brown tomorrow now, cheers x

    • HouseofPaperDoll says:

      Thank you so much, I love Molton Brown and find they do have a wide range of gifts for most budgets, hope you managed to get sorted with something xx

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