Molton Brown New Jasmine and Sun Rose

September 14, 2018
Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Review

The New Fragrance Collection from Molton Brown

“Poised.  Symphonic.  Captivation”

“Pretty Bold”

Molton Brown New Jasmine and Sun Rose

When Molton Brown launches a new fragrance collection I’m a bit like a kid in a candy store, pretty excited to say the least.  When I heard the new fragrance contained ‘jasmine’ in the title, I knew instantly it would be one for me, and the moment I saw the beautiful peach packaging with touches of gold and rose gold, I actually felt like this collection was made for me.  These are definitely ‘my’ kind of colours and the ingredients are ‘my’ kind of scents.  It feels pretty symphonic already.

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Review

The new Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Collection features four products in this exquisite fragrance combination:

Eau de Toilette

Bath and Shower Gel

Body Lotion

Bathing Oil

All four products just ooze style and contemporary sophistication to match the scent to perfection, each one is just so elegant.

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose
Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Review
Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Collection



The beautifully delicate and feminine colours mixed with the gorgeous paint swirl art and gold top finishing…I honestly think this is my favourite Molton Brown Packaging to date, it is simply stunning.  I’m certainly keeping the packaging as it is just too pretty to throw away.

To illustrate this fragrance as a work of art, Molton Brown collaborated with Internationally acclaimed British artist ‘Rhea Thierstein’ to create what Rhea describes as a ‘modern, feminine and playful’ fragrance.  I love that this fragrance has been created as a beautiful painting capturing the duality of the lead ingredient jasmine and the captivating Nile Delta.  It feels harmonic and intoxicating, just like the fragrance itself.

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose
Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose

The Fragrance

Such a beautiful feminine fragrance with a contemporary yet classic feel to it.  I love that some of my all time favourite scents such as jasmine, bergamot, peach and patchouli have been combined together to create this alluring fragrance.

The Eau De Toilette in particular is one I will be reaching for throughout the Autumn months.  It’s that perfect transition fragrance that’s not too heavy, nor too floral, but not too musky either, just light waves of each ingredient wonderfully wrapped together.  The touch of raspberry adds a light sweetness without being too much, and the rose is just so pretty and delicate, giving a perfect balance that is ideal for the upcoming Seasons.

Top notes: raspberry, bergamot and peach.
Heart notes: jasmine, osmanthus and rose.
Base notes: labdanum, patchouli and musk.

The fragrance is captivating and opulent with a beautiful subtle prettiness to it and I think that’s why this fragrance works so perfectly as an Eau de Toilette in particular.  I can actually see this being up there with some of my all-time favourite Eau de Toilettes and Perfumes. 

I also think the ultimate way to wear this scent is to layer it (as is with so many Molton Brown fragrance lines).  Delving into a relaxing bath or enjoying a fresh morning shower with the Bath and Shower Gel, or indulging in the exquisite Bathing Oil aromas and softness, then to smother yourself in the moisturising Body Lotion, before a couple of spritz of the Eau de Toilette for that real indulgence and lingering scent…..just heavenly.

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Review
Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose


I absolutely love this fragrance – it’s powerful without being overpowering, it feels modern and sexy with a prettiness and beautiful femininity to it that is both alluring and charming.  Its a scent that works for both day and night, for the office, for the home, for the evening, for date night – with the combination of each ingredient merging and weaving together so elegantly.  It feels classic with a contemporary edge to it and one that I think would work so well for all age ranges.  Enchanting and Elegant – it really is like a fine work of art.

Shop The Collection

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Eau de Toilette

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Bath and Shower Gel

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Body Lotion

Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Exquisite Bathing Oil

View the entire new Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose Collection, including their Gift Sets


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2 responses to “Molton Brown New Jasmine and Sun Rose”

  1. Gayle says:

    gorgeous pictures, really love your blog, i think you do some of the best blog photos
    don’t why but i have never realised that Molton Brown sell eau de toilettes, always thought they just did bath and shower stuff.
    definitely going to check this out now it sounds and looks like something i would wear.

    • HouseofPaperDoll says:

      Thank you so much Gayle that’s so lovely. Yes they sell many of their fragrance lines as a Eau de Toilette (also Candles too!), definitely worth a look. Hope you like the Jasmine and Sun Rose as much as I do xx

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