My Little Box January 2017

January 25, 2017

January is all about Fresh Starts, about reinvention, new goals, new ideas and new resolutions.  Whether by February those resolutions are still in fruition is another thing, but atleast at the beginning of January I know I always feel revived, ready and geared up to face a New Year of opportunities.  My Little Box January 2017 is all about Fresh Starts, that was their theme for this month’s box and all their delightful products inside… lets see what is inside…..only this month it isn’t a box, its a bag!

My Little Box January 2017

My Little Box usually contain one small bag/pouch in their monthly boxes and I love them, they come in handy for all sorts of random things, especially when travelling.  This month the entire contents of their normal box is in a bag so its a fairly decent size and I know this bag/drawstring pouch is going to get some use for sure, its large enough to fit a pair of shoes for example, so perfect for a travel shoe bag.  The bag is cream and peach with navy writing (the colours for these month’s theme) and it also contains a set of 5 notecards each featuring a small but powerful way to change your life this year for the better apparently.

My Little Box January 2017 My Little Box January 2017

My Little Box January 2017 Planner My Little Box January 2017 Planner

The Planner

I am so happy they included this, from previous reviews of last year’s January box and from hints on Instagram I was hoping that one might make an appearance and it did.  Its a beautiful navy and peach week-to-week planner so you can start this when you need it rather than it actually being dated like a diary.  It also includes To Do Lists, tips and plenty of space for notes.

My Little Box January 2017 Snood My Little Box January 2017 Snood

The Snood

I absolutely love this, again the colours are navy with some peach and cream detailing which are colours that will go with so much in my wardrobe.  It is so soft and feels really warm on.  I can’t wait to snuggle up in this circular scarf on a cold morning, but because of the light material I can see me wearing this through Spring too, colours that will go perfectly with denim.  This will be my most used item in the box/bag for sure, such a great idea.

My Little Box January 2017

Garnier Nourishing Hair Mask

Enriched with luscious honey this hair mask is something my hair is really craving right now, so the timing is perfect.  You receive one sachet from Garnier Ultimate Blends which is said to leave your hair stronger from root to tip, I am looking forwards to sampling this.

My Little Box January 2017

Merci Handy Holy Mint Toothpaste

Quite a random item to have in a beauty/lifestyle subscription box but I guess we all need toothpaste so it will atleast be used.  Its 50ml in size so an ideal one for taking on plane journeys.  It is said to be 98% natural and it has a lovely fresh mint smell so it is going straight into my travel toiletry bag in preparation for my next trip.

My Little Box January 2017

My Little Beauty Boost Yourself Body Cream

From My Little Box’s own beauty line is this revitalising body cream which is 98% natural and packed with sunflower seed oil, ginger and fruity goodness that aims to be deeply nourishing and softening.  At 100ml the size again is great for travel, although I have a feeling I will have used it all up by the time I next head out on a plane as it smells so good and feels really soft on the skin.

My Little Box January 2017

My Little Beauty Sweet Hand Cream

The second beauty product from My Little Box’s own beauty line, I am currently running low on my usual hand-cream so another perfectly timed item for me this month.  I was little worried at first with the name of the product being ‘Sweet Hand Cream’ that it would have a powerful sickly-sweet smell which isn’t my cup of tea but thankfully it doesn’t.  It is slightly sweet but nothing overpowering and it has a creamy non-greasy texture.  My hands are very grateful already.

My Little Box January 2017

Overall this was a great box/bag, I am really pleased with every single item and know I will use every single item which is something that isn’t often said with alot of the subscription boxes at the moment.  My favourite item is the snood, closely followed by the planner and hand cream.  Fresh Start couldn’t be more apt for January and I feel My Little Box has got us off to a great one.


*My Little Box is priced at £14.95 per month including delivery

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