My Little Box March 2017 Review

March 25, 2017
My Little Box March 2017 Review

My Little Box March 2017 Review My Little Box March 2017 Review

One box subscription that always fills me with excitement and anticipation is My Little Box.  I love their monthly ‘themed’ boxes full of adorable beauty and lifestyle products.  I always know I am going to receive that something a little bit different from the other subscription boxes out there, and March’s box certainly didn’t disappoint.  The theme this month is ‘#NoFilter’ – all about the no-makeup makeup, stripping things back beauty wise to see the natural you, keeping things simple and feeling confident to go bare.  And in-keeping with this, everything from the packaging to the products are in a beautiful blush/nude/light peach colour – my kind of colours – its as if this box was made for me.  My Little Box March 2017… is was made me ‘oooooo’ with delight…

My Little Box March 2017 Review

Cosmetic/Toiletry Bag

For March there was no box, instead the contents came in this gorgeous ‘#NoFilter’ Cosmetic/Toiletry bag in the month’s beautifully themed colours of blush/nude/light peach.  I will use this as a toiletry bag for travel and as far as toiletry bags go this is just so so pretty.  Its also incredibly practical, the ombre colour effect on the outside of the bag means you can clearly see everything inside it, so no rummaging around trying to find your products inside.

My Little Box March 2017 Review

Beauty Notebook

This is such a pretty notebook and such a photogenic/Instagram friendly one at that.  Thin enough to pop in your handbag without it taking up much space, but I feel its too pretty to be in a handbag so this ‘Beauty Notes’ slimline Notebook will feel right at home on my desk.  Its the little things like this item which make me fall more and more in love with My Little Box, such a handy, gorgeous and practical little item.

My Little Box March 2017 Review

‘The Ring’ for your Smartphone

Very fitting for the month’s #nofilter theme, I have seen these on a couple of big Youtuber/Bloggers phones and always been quite intrigued by them.  You remove the plastic film on the back of this ring holder and then stick it to the back of your phone.  It should (hopefully) stay put on the back of your phone so when you are holding it you slip your finger through the ring to aid for a better/more secure hold of your phone – ideal for those prone to dropping their phones and that horror moment of the cracked screen. You can also use the ring as a tripod for all those selfies as it has a 360 degree rotation capability.  Although in honesty I am little worried to try it incase the ring doesn’t remain stuck on my phone when I am using it.

My Little Box March 2017 Review

My Little Box March 2017 Review

Selfie Brush

Again in keeping with the #nofilter theme, this My Little Beauty super-soft and incredibly fluffy powder/blush brush is delightful with the rose gold ferrule and soft pink/blush handle.  Travel friendly and purse friendly in size, I am always happy to receive a makeup brush with any beauty subscription box and this one might just be the prettiest.

My Little Box March 2017 Review

Nail Polish – Toute Nude

A second item from the My Little Beauty line which is My Little Box’s own beauty range.  The perfect nude nail polish that always comes in handy.  Ideal for Spring, or any occasion and a colour that always looks pretty on any nail, this full size polish is a great addition to this month’s box of treats.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Perfume

Its always great to try new perfumes and this 15ml eau de parfum spray is the perfect handbag size.  Deep Euphoria from Calvin Klein comes in a distinctively shaped purple glass bottle and smells beautiful.  Perfume scents are such a personal thing and can smell different on different people.  I find Deep Euphora sprays quite a spicy rose/floral smell at first then drys down to a warm musky fragrance – definitely worth a spritz on yourself next time you pass the Perfume Counter.

Laura Mercier Blemishless Foundation Primer

Laura Mercier Blemish-less Foundation Primer

I am always happy to receive any Laura Mercier product in any beauty subscription box.  I adore her primers and use them everyday so this one I am incredibly happy to receive.  I haven’t tried this new Blemish-less version before but I imagine its going to be a great primer.  It claims to even out skin tone, brighten, clear and offers coverage all at once, along with reducing the appearance of pores.  Excited to try this 15ml sized primer to compare it to Laura Mercier’s other brilliant primers I have in my makeup collection.

My Little Box March 2017 Review

After February’s My Little Box ‘Mountain Box’ I was left a little underwhelmed by My Little Box for the first time to be honest, but March’s #NoFilter My little Box has rekindled my absolute love for them again.  Every item in this box (although the jury is still out on the smartphone ring) I know I will use and I was really happy to receive.  The colour theme of this Month is my kind of colour which helped but the products from the toiletry bag to the contents inside all feel of great quality.  The attention to detail and additional little touches from My Little Box really show, and I feel that it is one of the best Subscription Boxes on the market.  Roll on April as I can’t wait to see what their theme and contents are.


*My Little Box is priced at £14.95 per month including delivery.


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