Pacifica Take Me There Ruby Guava Set

January 9, 2017


The January/Post-Christmas-Holiday Blues are definitely starting to kick in, I don’t know about you but I am already dreaming about sundrenched beaches, warm seas and those long Summer days with the sand beneath my flip-flip adorned toes, and the evening sun basking gently on my skin.  Summer may seem so far away and a gorgeous Tropical Island getaway may still be on my wishlist, but here is a set that brings the Tropics to me and a touch of much needed Summer to my dry Winter skin.

The ‘Pacifica Take Me There’ Sets really do ‘take you there’.  From the moment I opened the brightly coloured gift set box I could smell that beautiful sweet Guava scent mixed with a citrus pomelo, and a subtle nod of coconut.  I instantly felt transported to a South Pacific Island, if only for a few precious moments and it was a welcomed distraction.  Within this set you have a Body Butter, Perfume Roll-on and a Natural Colour Lip Tint all in a purse-friendly and perfectly travel-friendly sized trio that add a pop of colour to lift your mood in an instant.

Body Butter is just beautiful, this is my favourite product in the set.  It’s light, hydrating and incredibly moisturising.  It soaks straight into the skin whilst smelling tropically divine, perfect for that beach ready bikini (even if my body itself might not be quite that beach ready after some Christmas indulgence).

Perfume Roll On – Its been quite a while since I owned a perfume roll-on but they are so ideal for popping in your handbag without mess or a fuss that I remember now why I always used to carry one around with me.  Great for on-the-go touch ups – slim, sleek and sweetly smelling.

Natural Colour Quench Lip Tint – A lip balm with a slight tint that is as delicious as it smells.  I found myself trying hard not to lick my lips with this on because it smelt so good, when I did manage to refrain however the lip tint itself was hydrating to the lips and offered just a slight deep darkening to my normal lip colour.

The Brand:  Pacifica Beauty are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.  You can be rest assured when purchasing a set like this that all the ingredients are natural, skin friendly and high quality without any nasty’s or skin harming toxins. As someone who suffers with extremely sensitive skin and who often ‘sticks to what I know skincare’ wise I found this set to be calming, gentle and kind to my skin without any irritants.  Equally impressive is that the company only uses 100% recyclable boxes and their goal is to have zero product-manufacturing waste in their factory.  A proud feat not many beauty companies are able to share.  Pacifica also supports local charities and local economies, their story is profound and inspirational.  I am new to the brand but with accolades like this I am really intrigued to support and try more of their products.

Natural and Organic:  This set is one of 3 by Pacifica that can be purchased through the Naturally Better You website and costs £18.00 which I feel is great value for money and a wonderful Winter-Blues-Beating pick-me-up treat.  Naturally Better You are a webstore that offers some fantastic natural products from a huge variety of natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free brands.   I highly recommend a browse through their vast organic product range, especially if you are looking for a product that’s free from a particular ingredient, or if you have any specific skin allergies or concerns when it comes to beauty products (such as acne, eczema or psoriasis), or like me you want to ensure the products you add to your skin (and children’s) are as natural, gentle and kind as they can be.  Their range is seriously impressive and their search filters are incredibly user-friendly.

All in all I was delighted with this set, its a great gifting set, and one I will be noting for Mother’s Day in March (hint hint Hubby!), the packaging is bright and the products are great quality, as mentioned the Body Butter is my favourite in the set.  Whilst my last Hawaiian Holiday was about 10 years ago I do feel a touch of the Tropics have been brought to my bathroom shelf which is extremely welcomed in these Winter Blues months, and when it’s in a skin friendly/organic and cruelty free way, whats not to love?!  Aloha indeed!  Now where are my flip-flops?!



Naturally Better You


* I was kindly gifted this set from the company Naturally Better Yours in return for my review, which as always remains honest and true to my readers.  The review is my personal opinion and experience of the product/s in this post.



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