Secret Santa Gift Guide

December 10, 2018


Christmas is literally around the corner with just a few shopping days left until the big day.  Christmas planning, Christmas parties and present buying will no doubt be in full swing.

Deciding what to purchase for those hard-to-buy for family and friends, or work colleagues can prove rather difficult and cause quite the headache……but enter Secret Santa!

I think Secret Santa is such a great idea and here’s why…..

Secret Santa for the Family or Friends Group:

Many families or close friend groups seem to be adopting the Secret Santa theme for the adults gifting and I have to say that I really love and applaud this idea. 

I think Secret Santa allows people to become more aware of over-spending especially on gifts that are really ‘just for the sake of it because its Christmas and therefore you feel like you should buy ‘X’ something and ‘Y’ something‘. 

Secret Santa can take the stress away of excess gifting and instead be more pocket-friendly, as well as being so much fun and the items can end up being really useful too!  Its that perfect victory of quality over quantity.  You actually put yourself in that persons shoes and really think about what might suit them, their personality and the gift often feels more unique and personalised to them which is always greatly appreciated.  Plus as the ‘buyer’ you have one gift to buy for instead of many which am sure at this bank-account-stretched time of year takes off quite a bit of pressure.

Secret Santa for the Workplace:

When I worked in an office Secret Santa was a great way to have a little fun as well as ensuring you didn’t need to buy lots of presents for different people.  It takes away those obligatory boxes of chocolates or fragrance gift sets that a person will probably never end up using anyway.  Instead, you all set a budget, pop each persons name into the Santa hat, pick out your receiver and off you go to buy their gift. 

It sounds easy and most of the time it is, except when you happen to pick ‘that’ person that is really hard to buy for – the one that seems to have everything already, the one that isn’t really ‘into’ anything, that one person in the office you don’t really know very well at all……I know many of my friends relate to this and sometimes Secret Santa can leave you feeling like you don’t even know where to start.

For ‘thinking outside the box’ gift items I always turn to Prezzybox, they have such a vast array of fun, practical and different products.  Their site always feels like there is that ‘something special’ for everyone, even those really hard to buy for people. 

Prezzybox also have some great gift ideas for Teachers Christmas Presents and Stocking Fillers too, its such a user friendly and fun site and I’ve always found their customer service to be great, plus they ship Worldwide!

Here is my Secret Santa Gift Guide full of ideas for every budget.

The Fiver and Under Budget

The £10 Budget

The £15 Budget

The £20 Budget

The £50 and over Budget

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