Spring Fresh Everyday Makeup Look

March 6, 2016


Now that the weather is beginning to bring in that ‘Spring is in the air’ feeling, I love to switch my everyday makeup routine slightly to reflect each season and the seasonal colours.  Spring is my favourite season of all because I adore pastel colours and that fresh, clean feeling Spring seems to welcome.  Its also the season I have to walk around Make-up Stores with my eyes closed because I would buy every pretty pastel palette I could find otherwise.  Spring also happens to be the one season my skin seems to love, no heavy heat or humidity, no dry cold weather, just gentle mild sunny temperatures that lets my skin breathe, relax and just be.



My everyday look for Spring is simple, quick, fresh, natural and great for so many skin types and tones especially us pale girls using a small selection of quality products.  It takes me about 10-15 minutes to apply so perfect for ladies on the go.


Face:  After moisturising my skin, I actually tend to skip primer for Spring days (unless we are going somewhere special and I need my makeup to last that extra bit longer).  So I go straight to foundation and my current favourite is Bourjois Healthy Mix ‘Serum’ Foundation – great for dry skin and not to be confused with their Healthy Mix Foundation which is a completely different formula.  I tried this after watching the hugely talented Lisa Eldridge recommend it and I am so glad I did.  Its full of skin friendly ingredients such as vitamin-rich fruits therapy which includes goji berries and pomegranates and its also very healthy for my pocket at £10.00.  A bonus for me is that with this foundation I don’t really need to powder, just a light dust to set my under the eye area and round my nose with some of MAC’s Prep and Prime Translucent Powder and that’s it.  My full review of this product.


Cheeks: My favourite blushers are Bobbi Brown blushers, I love how pigmented they are, they glide on so easily and blend so well.  I also love the newer pink colours she has recently launched which cater perfectly for my pale, cool undertoned skin.  At the moment I reach for the Powder Pink which sadly can only be found in some of her limited edition palettes but the permanent Pastel Pink shade is a great alternative.  Other blushers such as MAC’s Well Dressed, Nars Gaiety and Benefits Dandelion also work perfectly for this soft Spring look.

Highlighter:  I am not a massive fan of going overboard with highlighters for everyday, I prefer something more subtle with just a hint of glow.  I currently use the Pink Highlighter from Bobbi Brown which is from the Limited Edition Pink Cheek Palette, this my preferred choice because there is no glitter or sparkles when applied to the upper cheeks just a natural healthy subtle glow without that disco ball effect of anything glittery or too shimmery.  I also use a little dab of Benefits Moonbeam under my brows and on top of the Bobbi Brown Highlighter to add a touch of pearlesque to the look and one that compliments the eyeshadows I use.


Brows:  As a pale skinned girl with blonde hair I often find alot of eyebrow pencils are that tad too dark for me, I also prefer a softer more natural brow that matches well with my skin tone and hair colour.  Although some girls look amazing with that strong brow look, on me it’s a complete no-no so I prefer to actually use an eyeshadow and the one I love is MAC’s Omega.  Its easy to use with a brow brush (I use the Real Techniques Brow Brush), creates a soft natural look and its extremely buildable to a slightly stronger brow look if preferred.  Its hard to go overboard with a soft eyeshadow, for me I just want to define my shape a little and fill in any gaps and this works a treat.


Eyeshadows:  MAC is always my preferred eye shadow choice, I’ve used their eyeshadows since my teens, tried other brands but always end up going back.  The array of colours and the fact you can create your own palette is a no brainer for me.  Highly pigmented, soft as butter and easy to blend as well as being long lasting and crease resistant (when used with my favourite eye primer Urban Decay primer potion).  For this spring look I love to use just 2 shades, Phloof – a pearlesque soft pink which is often used as more of a highlighter shade but I like to use this all over my lid.  I have small deep set eyes so I find if I use a light colour on my lids it makes my eyes pop and opens them up.  The other shade for this look I used is Cement – a grey/muddy dark brown (just like the name suggests), its a perfect crease colour for me.  I always have to be careful with browns and for years I avoided the colour because anything with any kind of red base in it made me look washed out, I now do wear browns but always look for a brown with a grey or muddy undertone to it and Cement has a lot of grey in it.  I use Cement in the crease and just blend down slightly to the outer corner of the lid – these colours together are simple, neutral yet work like a dream, also great for Bridal.

EyeLiner & Mascara:  For me I only ever use Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner I have tried others but just love this formula so much its a must have in my makeup bag (and makeup kit).  It’s so easy to apply, it’s forgiving if you are just starting to try eyeliner as you have time to correct, build and perfect your line and once its set it doesn’t budge at all for me.  I like to apply with Sigma’s Eyeliner (E05) brush and draw light small strokes that gradually link to create a line.  I use this on the eye lids then thinly and softly on the lower eye line.  For mascara I’ve really been enjoying the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara recently.  I was sent a sample with an offer they had on a couple of months ago and I have to say its a fab mascara.  Its long lasting, doesn’t smudge or flake, the brush is great for getting really close to the lash line, non-clumpy, lengthening and just a great everyday mascara.


Lips:  Pink lips for Spring is always my go to, I just love a pop of girlie pink to finish off a pastel, fresh girlie look.  I used MAC’s Saint Germain and Angel mixed together here but MAC’s Snob also looks great.  I find Saint Germain quite a strong looking lipstick so I normally apply Angel first then dab Saint Germain on top to give that ‘pop’ of pink finish.



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