Tangle Angel Pro Compact Hairbrush

Tangle Angel Pro Compact Hairbrush

Heaven sent hair?  A hair brush fit for Royalty?  The Tangle Angel Pro Compact Hairbrush is a new hairbrush from the beautiful ‘Tangle Angel’ brand.  The Brand’s founder is the award-winning Celebrity and Royal hairdresser Richard Ward.  Richard is renowned for being a pioneer for the ‘super salon’ not to mention the man behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s Hair.  Richard and his team were responsible for styling the amazing hair at ‘the’ Royal Wedding and now in my hands I have his Tangle Angel Pro Compact which I have been trying and using for a few weeks, and I can say it’s a fantastic compact hairbrush that is so aesthetically pleasing that it’s definitely one you want to keep out on your dressing table (and which girl wouldn’t secretly want to feel like abit of a princess).

Tangle Angel Pro Compact Tangle Angel Pro Compact

Compact – Firstly the size is nice and compact, perfect for your handbag/travel/on-the-go.  Its a hairbrush that opens apart so you have 2 halves – one half with the bristles for brushing and the other half which has an integral mirror.  Personally I love that one side has an integral mirror and wish more hairbrushes did because it makes so much sense – you want to see how your hair looks when you are brushing it.  The shape of the brush and mirror makes them both easy to hold and it feels very comfortable in the hand.  The brush itself has been scientifically developed, with patent pending blade-shaped bristles which move in opposite directions for loosening tangles.  Its also heat resistant up to 120 degrees and water resistant so you can use this in the shower which is ideal for brushing through any conditioners.

Tangle Angel Pro Compact Hairbrush Tangle Angel Pro Compact Hairbrush

Rose Gold – As a Rose Gold lover I have to mention the colour of the brush…..that Rose Gold shade is just beautiful and very on-tend right now, there is also a Titanium version but for me the Rose Gold is just so pretty.

Anti-Static/Anti-Bacterial – As someone who often has static hair in the Winter months (especially when I have been wearing a hat), I am hoping this Tangle Angel will come in handy as it has anti-static properties to help minimise static and reduce flyaway hair.  Another huge plus point for me is that the Tangle Angel is Antibacterial (ideal for school age children to use in particular!) – the antibacterial additives are embedded into the plastic which makes it more hygienic to use.

Tangle Angel Rose Gold Hairbrush Tangle Angel Rose Gold Hairbrush

The only negative I would say is that I found the compact a little tricky/delicate to open, and I almost broke the plastic clip part the first time I used it.  Basically you have to pull the sides gently open (and not try to lift one side like I did), having said that the more I have used the brush the more I have got used to opening it and now its all good and no breakage occured.

Tangled Angel Hairbrush Rose Gold Tangled Angel Hairbrush Rose Gold

Price – The Tangle Angle Pro Compact retails at £19.50 and is available from the Tangle Angle website, along with the other Tangle Angel products including a Tangle Angel Baby which is a hairbrush keyring, ideal for big princesses and little princesses alike.

*this post contains PR/Gifted/Complimentary Samples, for further information please see my disclaimer.





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