Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Makeup

October 30, 2017

My Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Makeup

Hocus Pocus it’s Halloween!  As you may have guessed I love this time of year and for my second Halloween Makeup Look of this year it had to be my favourite Witch of all….Winifred Sanderson.  Hocus Pocus is by far my favourite Halloween Movie of all time and I adore the great Bette Midler so this is my little tribute to the 90’s teen in me that used to dance around my bedroom to ‘I put a spell on you’ as well as the Divine Miss M.  I was lucky enough to witness Bette singing this as Winifred Sanderson at the o2 in London a few years ago and even more lucky to have spent a couple of Halloween’s with her, so Sissssssstas here is ‘my version’ of Winifred Sanderson and my Halloween Costume for 2017.

Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Makeup

For me Winnie is all about the lips and rosy cheeks (plus the wig and dress), you could really go all out with this look especially with those cheeks and lips but I have tried to the keep the makeup colours complimentary to one another so it helps to tie the whole look together for me and my skintone.  For eyes I almost went with green eyeshadow but changed it to a red/brown so that the cheeks and eyes were the same shade, likewise the lips were a red/brown shade. Here’s a list of the full products I used:

And here is my Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Makeup Tutorial in full, I had so much fun making this video and recreating the look, the most fun I have had on any project yet, I hope you like it ‘Sisssstaaas’ and Happy Halloween!


4 responses to “Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Makeup”

  1. Emma Lewis says:

    Love this character look and love Hocus Pocus. You have a genuine look of Bette Midler, the eyes and nose area for sure. Really enjoying your Blog and Youtube at the moment, keep up the great work, Emma

  2. HouseofPaperDoll says:

    Thanks Emma, I love Hocus Pocus too, such a fab film. That’s not the first time someone has said that to me about Bette Midler, so glad you are enjoying my little blog and channel at the moment x

  3. Rachel says:

    Can you please tell me where you got the wig?? I am searching and searching and nothing is as nice as this one! Thanks in advance!

    • HouseofPaperDoll says:

      I bought it from ‘Spirit Halloween’ in the USA, I bought the whole costume from there. I think this was the “Queen of Hearts’ wig though as the Winnie Sanderson one had sold out, so if you are struggling try ‘Queen of Hearts wig’ as I found there to be a better selection on amazon or costume party websites for that. Hope that helps x

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