Winter TLC Handcare for Dry Skin

February 25, 2018
House of Paper Doll

Winter TLC Handcare for Dry Skin
House of Paper Doll
Best hand creams for dry skin

The Winter Season can feel like the longest Season of all, with the dark evenings, dark mornings and freezing temperatures your body starts craving some blue skies and Vitamin D.  Going from the cold winds outside to central heating inside plays havoc with our skincare especially our hands.  During these Winter months my hands seem to get so dry to the point the skin can crack and feel incredibly sore.  Almost overnight they seem to become red, raw and irritated.  I created myself a little handcare routine that is as simple as having my favourite handcare products readily available in my bathroom, in my handbag and on my bedside table to help remind me to keep on top of keeping them moisturised.  This has certainly helped to ease the dryness this year and it has kept my hands full of ‘warmer weather softness’ despite the outside temperatures.

Here are my favourite products that I have been using over the past few months that have been working little wonders on my hand’s skin…

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle
Molton Brown Hand Treatment
Molton Brown Hand Cream

For the House:

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment and Exfoliator

As you have probably guessed if you read my Blog or watch my YouTube Channel I am abit of a fan of Molton Brown, well a huge Molton Brown fan.  Their hand creams have been in our house and in my handbag for years.  With their various fragrances available they can leave your hands smelling incredible as well as feeling highly moisturised.  I always like to have a large hand lotion next to their matching hand wash by our Kitchen and Bathroom sinks, one because they look so pretty and two because it reminds me to use hand lotion after washing my hands.  I’m also a big fan of their replenishing hand creams, I think they are perfect for travelling or to keep on an office desk as they are such a handy size and are mess/greasy free.  I received this duo of the Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator and Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment in my Molton Brown Advent Calendar and I adore them both equally, but in particular the Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator has been a wonderful addition to my handcare this Winter.  I exfoliate my body skin once a week but never really concentrated on my hands, so this is the perfect item to take those extra few minutes once out of the shower to give your hands that TLC moment.  The creamy exfoliating scrub gently lifts dead skin cells leaving them nourished and silky soft, whilst the Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment is a thick luxurious cream that provides instant moisturising effects.  A dreamy duo for sure that smells divine.

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment and Exfoliator available here.

Clarins Hand and Nail Cream
Clarins Hand Cream
Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

For the Handbag:

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

This is probably my favourite Clarins product and one I always have in my handbag.  The Clarins Hand and Nail Treat Cream is a lovely everyday, fast absorbing, rich but light cream.  I like this for through the day, especially for when I am out and about because its so quick and easy to apply, its a hand cream you don’t have to wait ages to soak into the skin, its also non-greasy, its not sticky nor is it messy to use.  I find this works well all year round but is particularly nourishing during the Winter months.  Equally in the Summer this works well on the hands against the dehydration of the sun and seems to keep my hands looking a little more youthful as my skin ages.  It doesn’t irritate or sting when you apply like some hand creams can, it also claims to minimise the appearance of age spots, and I do think this is such a great hand cream for maturing skin.  As well as softening the hands it conditions the nails so a great one to use after a manicure.  Its one of those products that after you have tried it you will continue to go back to it again and again.  A fab one to pick up at Duty Free if you are travelling through an airport.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream available here.

Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Overnight Hand Therapy
Crabtree and Evelyn Overnight Hand Therapy
Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Hand Cream

For the Bedside Table:

Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Overnight Hand Therapy

I love Crabtree and Evelyn hand products, I always find them to be gentle and kind on my sensitive skin.  I use their Summer Hill hand cream quite a lot in the Spring/Summer months as its fast absorbing and also because the scent reminds me of my Nanna, so there’s a beautiful nostalgic element to the product that takes me back to when I was a little girl playing with my Nanna’s dressing table products.  I was kindly gifted this La Source Overnight Hand Therapy from Crabtree and Evelyn at a ‘Christmas in July’ event last year and to be honest because my hands were in pretty good condition I put this straight in a drawer and actually forgot about it.  Fast forward to the end of Autumn when the seasons really do begin to change and my hands were starting to get incredibly irritated and sore….I tried this one night when my hands were feeling so raw and I was genuinely impressed how much softer and less irritated my hands were the following morning.  Within a week of using this religiously each night before bed my hands were feeling so much better, you really do see the results.  This is pretty much the last thing I do before I turn off my bedside light at night, I keep this on my bedside table and smoother my hands in it just before I go to sleep.  I feel the rich cream works really well at soothing the dryness and roughness on the skin, it absorbs fairly quickly for an overnight treatment and I love that its so much easier to apply at night than it is through the day.  I find handcreams can wear off alot faster during the day due to hand washing and everyday life really, whereas at night once this is applied thats it, it can works its magic uninterrupted throughout the night hours.  I honestly couldn’t be without this now, its also so gentle that I’ve used this on my oldest daughter when her hands were getting really dry from the weather and after a couple of nights use her hands were back to being super soft and non-irritated.  A wonderful product that is available in various fragrances.

Crabtree and Evelyn Overnight Hand Therapy available here.



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